Full Tilt P. Just Won $2400 in the Bad Business Jackpot! Congratulations!


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Jan 23, 2008
Miami, I, I mean Montreal
My Full Tilt account was recently closed and the $2400 in it confiscated.

The majority of the money came from player to player transfers so of course that would be the probable cause for the closure. There were a total of, I believe, 4 player to player transfers over the course of around one or two weeks (I cannot log in to check the history) that contributed the majority of the account balance. $200 or so was poker winnings and probably $500 was there before I recieved the transfers. The transfers were from friends who owed me money.

Here are my questions

1) Is it against the terms and conditions to recieve player to player transfers at Full Tilt and if so, does that give the poker room the right to confiscate all money, deposits, transfers and winnings, in the transferee's account and

2) Why after 3 days have they not so much as responded saying "hi". I have sent 10 emails from 3 different email addresses and they absolutely will not respond in any way

Summary: Maybe I violated the terms and conditions somehow. Maybe having your friends pay you through a poker room constitutes "money laundering". If so I would simply like to know exactly what terms I violated. This is $2400, not a particularly small amount by most standards and it would be less than a luxury to at least get any type of response back from customer service.

I live in the US and continue to gamble online so I know that you will get money stolen from you from time to time. I am not even so much posting a complaint about the money itself but more about the fact that these people just stole 2.5K and they won't even attempt to provide an excuse. Help with this matter would be much appreciated.


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Jan 23, 2008
Miami, I, I mean Montreal

I have been gambling online for a while so I have plenty of incidents fresh on my mind that were truely deserving of posting a complaint at a minimum however this probably wasn't one of them.

After an initial delay in responding that was frustrating to be sure given the amount of money involved, FullTilt security handled my case professionally and in a timely manner. It does appear that they had evidence that one of the people that transferred me money may have been involved in some form of fraudulent activity on the site. I believe they were acting in good faith.

The problem was fully resolved quickly and efficiently by FullTilt security and I was very pleased with the outcome.

Although these things are a pain, it is ultimately good for both the poker room and the players to have vigilant, professional security staff watching all transactions and keeping the poker room clear of fraud, collusion, chargebacks and the like.

I would recommend FullTilt poker to anyone. Best software in the industry.


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Jul 23, 2009

i'm a new user and i had the same problem like that guy who post this complaint.
a friend of mine or lets just say a guy i know asked me if he can transfer me some money and after that i should send him on another account.until now all the things were just fine.after couple hours(i was log into fulltiltpoker) the system falls and when i tried to log in it appeared "sorry,log in or password incorrect",i reseted the password and after that "the system cannot log you in,please contact [email protected]
ok..i contacted them on all possible mails they have,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] they said that my account is temporarly suspended or under review because one of the reasons:
1.i am in a close connection with a player who's under review by fulltiltpoker
2.more than one account on the same computer/ip with the same deposit methods
i have to say that from my computer were made 3 accounts:1 account for my father,1 for my sister in law and one for me
my father played there before me,my sister in law also,and for more than 7 months i am the only one who plays from this computer(they quit poker)
they answered me that i am in a close connection with a player who has made some fraudulent deposits and they decided to close my account permanently.my question is why?what have i done wrong or ilegal?the simple fact that you know a guy who made a fraudulent deposit(which at the time i didnt knew)i was blocked permanently?
can anyone tell me if or after how long will i be able to play again in fulltiltpoker?
if their analogy will happen in the real life probably if i will meet a person who killed someone,i probably will go to jail for life,which it's unbelieveble
thanks a lot and i hope i wasnt a pain in the...:):thumbsup:


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Mar 6, 2007
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Hi, petrut23! :)

I'm sure one of the knowledgeable CM members will be along shortly to answer your post.

I need to go make some popcorn and crack open a beer now! :p

I'll peek back in later, OK? ;)


Aug 3, 2002
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You got scammed by the guy who asked you to do a transfer. NEVER NEVER NEVER under any circumstance do transfers with people you don't know. People can obtain chips fraudulantly through stolen credit cards, collusion etc. Then they transfers the stolen money to you getting you to transfer money on a site where their money will be clean. Then the poker room uncovers the fraud or cheating and trace the money to you. They then take it from you, close your account or both. Say goodbye to any money you received from that player and that is the best case scenario. It's possible they will take everything you have. This is why you never do trades with people you can't 100% trust.

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