Fruity Casa Bonus game error?

As I said, I understood the first time that it was my fault and I accepted that...!?‍♂️

So I don't feel misunderstood...??‍♂️

I just didn't accept what was put under me here
to have been warned several times because of the PAB rules ...

because this is "the first time" yesterday with my post here and immediate closing of the PAB
as a result (without "a" warning) happened..!

and I have now understood and accepted that, as I have said several times...?

what I don't accept is just your false claim here
I would have been warned more often...!
because I've never actually been warned!?

That's just the fact!

no more and no less?‍♂️

so should I because of my bad english or google
got that wrong...?

That you have publicly assumed here "several times"
being warned for violating the PAB rules!?

Despite the fact that in reality it didn't happen "once" except for the reprimand here yesterday...!?

Then I or Google are also responsible for that ....
agein sorry ?

maybe everyone here with better English
can get a picture of whether it was claimed yesterday that I was warned several times...?

which in truth never! has taken place or not for me that is complete !

I only have problems with false claims despite bad English!

and if you didn't say that here?
or don't want to (can't) correct yourself for it because it just wasn't ...

let's just drop it and blame my bad english ok...?

let's just stay for now
that I didn't understand everything correctly
and it's all my fault...?

I've been married long enough to know when to let something go
and not always talk things over just to have the last word....

we remain all my fault
or that of my bad english?

anyway thanks again?
and stay healthy?

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