Frist won't seek presidency in 2008


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Jun 30, 1998
Frist won't seek presidency in 2008

Tennessean Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Sen. Bill Frist, Republican majority leader from Tennessee, announced this morning that he will not be running for president in 2008.

"In the Bible, God tells us for everything there is a season, and for me, for now, this season of being an elected official has come to a close. I do not intend to run for president in 2008," Frist said in a statement released by his office.

The announcement comes after Frist spent several years laying the groundwork for a presidential bid. Frist had spent much of the past two years visiting key presidential states, including Iowa, creating a field operation and raising money for national, state and local candidates in these states.

Frist said he and his wife, Karyn, "will take a sabbatical from public life. At this point a return to private life will allow me to return to my professional roots as a healer and to refocus my creative energies on innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges Americans face," Frist said.

The statement makes unclear Frist's plans for the future.

"Karyn and I will seek the best opportunity to serve," Frist said. "I may eventually return to what I've done for most of my adult life, heal through medicine and health.

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Jul 5, 2003
The Boonies
Yeah, let the man return to his roots as a healer! :p

I will be on the lookout, don't want to know what he would heal me of! :eek2:


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Feb 18, 2005
Pity. I was hoping Frist would have to face the voters across the nation upset by his underhanded tactics in passing the UIGEA.