Frist caused more damage than a terrorist attack!


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Feb 22, 2001
Great article by Professor I. Nelson Rose over at Poker Player Newspaper

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Senator Bill Frist (R.- TN), doesn't want to be President -he wants to be Dictator.

Frist, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, used his position of power to ram through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. He didn't even give the members of Congress a chance to read the bill.


Frist actually managed to cause as much economic damage as an Islamist terrorist attack: billions of dollars were wiped out overnight, when online stocks fell more than 50%.

This was probably an overreaction, since the new law will not actually do much....
I am glad we are not the only people that see what a bad joke this new law is.

I don't know how any American does not get angry when told about the sleezy way this bill was rammed through the Senate.

Republicans or Democrats it does not matter, the people involved in this 'bad joke law' should be in prison for what they did, not setting in the Senate or planning to run for President.

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