Friends playing together vs Collusion


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Nov 3, 2001
Hi all,

Lately I have been playing a lot together with a friend from work when playing poker. I find it to be a lot more fun to be playing with a guy I know and be able to chat about the hands (after the round, mind you).

We are not in any way colluding - and chances are that if we tried we wouldn't know up from down and probably we would end up losing more than winning from it.

Anyway, my question is this: Are we in danger of being tagged as colluders simply by often playing together and with geographically similiar (though not same) locations?

Does the fact that we use MSN to chat simultaneously change anything? - Again, we are not talking about our hands during the hand, but after. If the rooms really do have "sophisticated systems" to catch colluders, what are the chance that their systems will flag us for having a direct connection between the two of us while playing at the same table?

Thanks for any insights - and especially if any of the people from the cardrooms are watching.
1. Do not play on same IP address.

2. Do not transfer money between each other.

3. Do not talk to each other at table.

4. Are your cities the same? If so other players might wonder.

5. Never logged in on each others computer.

If you do not do anything odd like raise each other and fold and never play each other in hands you should be ok. Most often collusion is caught when a player reports you. If you should ever do anything odd and get reported and you have done anything 1-5 you might run into some BIG problems like having money confiscated. Most softwares will not allow you to sit at same table on same IP address. Other then that I would not worry about them catching you being friends. Just play games when they are not on as well to balance it up. Another player may find it odd they always see you two together and report it as well.
if you started doing something like...........

the two of you just raise the heck out of the hand... force others to fold... and then fold at the end to let one of you guys win...
that might start attracting attention

they look for patterns or something

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