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Feb 9, 2005
Pittsford, N.Y.
Alright who turned off the free spins features on all the games, the last week nothing. I think you guys talking about the wins with the free spins so much the casinos caught on and tigthened up the slot machines. Just kidding but for real something happened, never went this long with no free spins since started.

Something must be up with the latest upgrade, too many posts about this to be the odd unlucky player. Looks like they may have redistributed the way the payouts hit. More reel wins and less free spin runs. Even if MG have instigated this, it will be a blow to players confidence as it will confirm that existing games can be tweaked in the background with no clue for players.
Game tweaks are not unknown; Cryptologic recently tweaked the Double Bonus VP to give more profit to the casino. This did at least become obvious as it has a fixed paytable. Reprogramming slots is a different issue, as players have no idea that their odds and/or win distributions have changed. Casino operators may well not know either.
If you complain you will get the "It's random, you have just been unlucky". They can't prove it, but players cannot prove anything has changed.
Well after over 600 spins on Thunderstruck and amongst other games I lost well over my usual 2k, well my worst few days at the Casino/s as I lost well over 7k.

I get alot back on free spins, and what done my head in was, when I did eventualy get free spins I got around 85 bucks on 14 free spins which are tripled so it really got me down.

I'm in two minds now about trying to win back my loses over the next few weeks or call it a day, and say it's been good while I have been lucky.

Oh yeah, yes it hard to prove any slot be it at a casino or local pub as the 90+% means it is guaranteed to give you a win (the 90+%) be it 20p or 20k.

machines different

I have notice the wheels going different ways all of a sudden, they used to do this once in a great while and now there spinning totaly different, used to go one way now go two different ways on all free spin slots. Are all the casinos set to one standard for microgaming casinos or is each online casino set there own percentages for slots. I used to beable to play for a while with $200.00 a day but in the last week it takes about an hr. to bust. Giong to have to give it a break for awhile and actually win more on progressive slots lately than others, not the jackpots just go payoffs.
There is something really wrong with the free spin. I played last week and didnt get one free spin on thunderstruck and spring break. I dont know what it could be but I play almost everyday and this happen to me on friday and I have not played since.
I had 188 spins on that new "DINOMIGHT" with no "feature".
(I really can't bitch... I did get 5 scatters the night before... $100 for a 50 cent spin... :) )

Also on "HALLOWEENIES"... 263 spins with NO free spins... :( but when I did finally get the 3 bunnies... I got a bit over $80 on the free spins... at 60 cents a spin.

I think that maybe the free spins are showing up less often, but when they do hit... the overall payout is better.
yes- something happened. Only another piece in the puzzle: I just lost 500$ on thunderstruck and springbreak - no feature coming up there.
I guess, MG has tightened up - if it were only a few players, i would agree: bad luck, but that s different now.
Someone must have turned it back on. I got free spins within free spins (hit four scatters) in Thunderstruck this weekend. And this was within about ten spins of play. At $22.50 a spin I raked in about $1800. I was happy - but kept fantasizing a huge hit. :D
Casinomeister said:
Someone must have turned it back on. I got free spins within free spins (hit four scatters) in Thunderstruck this weekend. And this was within about ten spins of play. At $22.50 a spin I raked in about $1800. I was happy - but kept fantasizing a huge hit. :D

LOL. I know the feeling.

I hit $1800 off $11.25 and like you had 4 free spins in the feature aswell on Tstruck. I then upped to $22.50 a spin, hit the free spins again, and landed a mere $450! But they're still there. Same session, i had two "rollovers" totalling 45 free spins at $9 for about $1500.

That said i couldn't land squat in the Slot Junkies comp on Spring Break and the Tstruck wins were at 32Red out of frustration so they didnt even count for the Roxy Palace Tstruck comp :(
I hope you two haven't used them all up for the rest of us as I think we need some rescuing as we getting withdrawal symptoms of not getting any :D
Well as much as I'm going to hate it, I'm going to have to stop playing for awhile. I play almost everyday and I'm not saying I don't get upset when I don't win, but when the play is as bad as it has been for about the last couple of weeks, I have no choice, I lost my behind today and over the weekend, I couldn't hit a darn thing and "Free Spins" are a thing in the past. lol Since Howard Hughes didn't leave me his millions when he passed I'm just going to stop for awhile. Hope you guys have much better luck and win BIG! lol
I agree

I agree with goodie2shoes i am going to have to hang it up for awhile also, after hearing casinomister hitting the free spins there for a while i thought maybe they where back on but got on after reading his post and nothing again. Drop down to .25 cent slots and i still lost my a$$. Between the last 2 weeks these games have killed me.I no you don't play slots to win all the time but i also don't like to lose as much as i been losing in the last couple of weeks either.Just maybe some of the G.M. will read this board and figure out that we figured out that the games have changed and will put them back to the way they were after they see how many people stop playing for awhile, i dout it but maybe. Use to see 4 to 5 big winners a day at golden reef casino from 5000.00 to 8000.00 a win and in the last 2 weeks after checking there winner boards there has been only 1 or 2 a day. Never seen that with them in 2 years of playing there. So you cannot tell me something has changed here in the slot games. I will keep an eye on the board and when i start reading post where people are having better luck then i might start playing again or change the way i spend on casinos anyways. To many people posting on this matter for something not to have changed. Good Luck Everybody.
Right. You all know my take on such phenomena, but I'm keeping an open mind and I'm gonna do some research into this tonight at 32Red:D

Will keep ya posted, keep on eye on the winner screenshots thread:D

I don't have to mention the other screenshot thread do I....

Well I couldn't let this go so I went and played again.

Deposited 500 and tried Thunderstruck got no where. Done another depo and then played Tomb and got spins and got around 2000.

Did I do the sensible thing and cashin? Nope, lol

Went back to Thunderstruck and it killed me again while I did get free spins but not much of them.

Done another depo and went around and played GoodToGo and secret admirer and did win some but missed out on the 5 speed things on the bonus and got 4 rings on Secret too but was still around 2000.

I should have cashed out but I said no way, it has to like me by now. After a long while I got free spins and got Thor or two with the Staffs to give me a final win of just over 6000 UK.

I played other slots Progressive machines went to 5500 and then played on Tomb Raider again and after going down to 4900 I carried on and won some back and then played Bush Telegraph and upped it back to just over 6000.

I have now halved my losses the for last 4-5 days.


Now do I go back and try and win the rest back is the question.

I had free spins on and off and apart for Thunderstruck win, I never got much out of the rest as I use too.

Also what I couldn't believe was that, on secret admirer I got the bonus spins and never got much , and got them again a few spins after and again a few spins after. Any other time I had got 4 or 5 rings for big wins but this time I had more bonus spins than wins.

Just glad I am up today as I could have lost another 1500.

This may be something, but it may be nothing. I have no way of knowing for sure.

All that I can say is that I'm an irregular low-roller and I won't be playing slots real soon. I've won tons (to me) on slots, but I haven't played in the last couple of weeks.

I'd love to see someone who's winning...and preferrably several of you!

I'm positive that this is nothing approaching a mathmaticallty correct sample that should/can be used to judge your own probability of winning, but I've seen the ebbs and flows of this board and never have I seen so many negative reports.

I'll even volunteer for a trip report. Maybe this weekend.

Take Care!

Trip Report

I'm here to report that the free spins were plentiful for my bride tonight...

She played HO-HO-HO tonight at 7 Sultans and hit the free spin feature...

...And then hit it twice more during the free spins for a grand total of 60 free spins in a row!!

She was betting $1.35/pull or about six cents per line and won amost two hundred dollars during the bonus rounds!!

I was gonna wait until the weekend to play slots, but this message board does something to me!

nice thread

it would be great to see the most spins we can spin without hitting the free spin feature - i was playing spring break the other day and went about 700 spins without hitting 3 beach partys!! - sorry, i havent got a screenshot, but i am sure i will be posting shortly :D :D

does anyone know how often, on average you should expect to hit the feature on spring break?
When Thor and Spring Break are hot, I have seen me hit the free spins multiple times within 50 or 60 spins, and re-trigger during the bonus round. When it's lukewarm, I find they both usually hit at about 150-200 spins in. When they are ice cold, I think the longest I have gone with no bonus round is over 900 spins on Thor. I was in total disbelief that night.
Pinababy69 said:
When Thor and Spring Break are hot, I have seen me hit the free spins multiple times within 50 or 60 spins, and re-trigger during the bonus round. When it's lukewarm, I find they both usually hit at about 150-200 spins in. When they are ice cold, I think the longest I have gone with no bonus round is over 900 spins on Thor. I was in total disbelief that night.

thunderstruck scares the life out of me.....but when it pays, it pays!

ps..cheers for the stats pinababy :)
Lots of free spins on Thunderstruck, but....

OK, I promised an update on my endeavors last night....

I deposited $350 at 32Red, played Loaded until I had about $40 left (about 200 spins) with no free spins at all....Switched to Thunderstruck and hit lots of free spins, like 4-5 times within a hundred spins, but no real payout, $50 payout tops on $2.25 bets...then hit the towers for about $200 so Thunderstruck seemed to have saved my ass and I was at $400 here. Switched back to Loaded, and played another 250 spins or so, with NO free spins or any other tangible wins at all. This was terrible. I was brought down to about $10. At this point there is not much hope usually, so I switched back to Thunderstruck and hit free spins at $0.36 bet for a $60 win, which was nice. Then decided to give loaded another chance. Big mistake. Took me down to $10 at which point I started betting $0.25 total, and of course then I got the first free spins, twice in a row, for a total win of all of $20. Then Loaded took me all the way down to zero.

Bad session apart from some bright moments on Thunderstruck. 32Red was kind enough to toss a $25 consolation bonus to my account, which I blew on Loaded with practically no wins at all.

So: Loaded truly sucked, big time. Thunderstruck was nice, but I seemed to hit all the good wins at $0.18-$0.36 so they did not amount to much. Whenever I had more than $50 in my account I bet $2.25-$4.50 but apart from that towers win did not really hit anything on those larger bets.

See this is where I have to agree to disagree......

You gonna ask me why, so here goes.

Ok, I accept there are games which I have played and have had free spins but..........

I've had them before and they have paid more than what I have had recently for instance, I got free spins on Bush Telegraph and I think it was Thunderstruck and had two sets of free spins in one go but on both it only amounted to around 200 bucks, which you may say is good.

This is where I disagree, as I have had a lot more and also when you are playing 11.25 -22.50 a spin it should be much higher.

Where I have started to realise things about bet size is when I have played the above slots and others and after say 500 spins I haven't had any free spins, I lower my bet to say 4.50 and have hit free spins within the next 10-20 spins. May be just a coincidence but I have done this many times.

I am not sure if I played at 4.50 a spin and if the outcome of a profit would be the same if I say played Thunderstruck at 11.25 a spin for say 200 spins?

Like yesterday I hit the Staffs with 2 Thors on free spins and got 6000GBP's, so least it still pays good when it does.

Maybe we have to open the S-Files (Slot-Files) :D

P.S..........I hit 6k US at another casino on GoodToGo after 2k worth of play around the slots. Loaded still kills me on high bets.

cheekymonkey said:
nice thread....
does anyone know how often, on average you should expect to hit the feature on spring break?
I reckon it's about every 130-160 spins on average for all 9-line, single feature slots.
(Spring, Ladies, Thunder, etc..)
Multiple feature slots, like Tomb Raider & What on Earth hit more frequently.

Below is another copy of the stats I compiled in June this year, for about 7-8 months of play.

Some of the samples are too small I know, but those over 5,000 spins I personally feel are fairly accurate representations...
I did a mega-test of about 100,000 spins on Tstruck earlier in the year. In fun mode obviously! I played about half at $9 a spin and the other half at 0.90c a spin. The average payout was around 28x the total bet (at 90c a spin), and near to 33x the total bet when playing at $9 a spin. I'm guessing with a bigger sample it would have been about the same - around 30x.

Also, there are 30 symbols per reel on Tstruck. The feature came up with an average pretty much spot-on as you'd expect - every 123 spins. Some of the time i went 800-900 spins without the feature (never over 1,000 tho) and other times had the feature hit like 4 times in 50 spins.

It was all pretty much as i expected & had worked out from the math logic. That said i'm still convinced the slot is weighted.

Still is i reckon...had a triple rollover at $6.75 for $1,068 today (good enough for 3rd spot in the Slot Junkies comp too :D)

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