Free Spins Sign up offers


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Sep 11, 2014
Just wondering what other people feel on this, whenever I see a sign up offer deposit 10/20 get 100 or 200 free spins, it instantly attracts my attention and I find it a fun offer as small stakes player, then you realise it's split over 5 or 7 days and it's like :(:(

I realise they do this so you log in everyday to play and maybe redeposit, but do they also realise it puts people off signing up. 3/4 casinos I've not signed up too just because the spins are split.

The idea i play 10 or 20 a day i know likely i win 50p max off them, where as if I can play a 100 or 200 i feel I have more chance(i realise this is just all mental AND not reality).

Please change these terms!


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Jan 28, 2016
free spins don't do much for me unless there are a substantial amount all at once, with a few exceptions. Roxy Palace for example offered 100% bonus plus 100 spins, 50 for 2 days, which I took. I'll be depositing for the BGO offer of 50 spins per day for 4 days, especially as they are 30p spins, so £60 of spins for £25 deposit.
Any offer that has free spins for starburst gets deleted without even reading any further, I don't even use completely free ones usually.

I just think 10 free spins at 10p are never going to reward much, 50 @ 10p might, 200 @ 30p you certainly have a chance of winning from.