Free Permanent Link on Unique, Aged Site Courtesy of Bet Phoenix Casino Affiliates


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Feb 19, 2009
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Hi Guys,

Ok, I have cut a deal with an affiliate who has this gambling site. Basically, for a fixed fee we get to put all the permanent links on this site that we want. And they are permanent. The site has 33 pages of unique content. Each page can have a maximum of 20 outbound links, so that is 660 links we can put up.

If you send me an email: affiliates at betphoenixcasino dot com I will reply with the URL (the affiliate does not want me to post it here in fear of Google's wrath).

You can put your link on any page of the website you want. You can have up to 6 Sites of yours listed on the site.

The only requirements?

1. You must be an CasinoMeister Member
2. You Must be an affiliate of
3. You must make a post telling us why you are an CasinoMeister Member

Additionally, the home page links only go to affiliates that have our banners on their home page. Home page links are one per affiliate.

When you send me the email, please include your CasinoMeister user, affiliate ID and the URL of your post. After that I will reply with the URL. Then you will need to provide me with your URLs, anchor text, and what pages of the site you would like each link on. Please give me up to 12 days to get the links up from the moment you email me your details (I'm going to have them uploaded in batches and I don't have access).

Kind Regards,
Nicolas Johnson
Bet Phoenix Casino Affiliates Manager