Free games vs. "real" games



Have you ever noticed when you first download a casino and are playing for "fun", you can play forever with a very small amount of "money", but when you decide it would be a good idea to play for real, the same games suddenly stop paying and very quickly you are broke. I mentioned this once to a casino customer service person, and of course, they denied such a thing could ever happen. This occured on microgaming software in every instance, and now I am very dubious.


Which casinos are you referring to? I have never had this problem with MG casinos. There are a few which I have "play for fun" mode intalled, and I don't notice any difference with the real account casinos. In fact, my luck seems to be a bit better on the real accounts (playing VP power poker), probably because I play longer and I tend ignore wild hunches. The play I am sure is identical.

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