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I wondered the other day what would happen if you won a progreesive jackpot on a free chip or bonus with a max cashout? Say you won $1,000,000 on a progressive and you had a max cashout of $500 on your chip/bonus. I know that when a player is playing that a percentage of each bet is added to an overall pool of money for the progressive prize.

Out of curiosity I asked a CS at an RTG casino what would happen if you won a progressive while on a max cashout bonus and was told that you would only be allowed to withdraw the max cashout that has been imposed on your account. I then asked what happens to the rest of the money from the Progressive? I got the answer that the rest of the progressive would be forfeited. I asked where the money goes then, seeing as the money has been added to a pool of players bets to create a large jackpot for a lucky player to win? The CS told me that money would be forfeited to the casino! I asked the CS how this could be fair as the money wouldn't belong to them as it is a pool of money that has been accumulated from players bets and how they could justify taking the excess $999,500 and pocketing it? The CS told me that they were not sure after all if that was the process and told me that that is why they advise players with a max cashout to not play progressives(Note that they do not ban it or lock the progressives out in any way!) The CS Then abruptly said bye and ended the chat!
(Had chat log for this but can't seem to find it. If I do I will post it.)

My question is this....
Does anyone know what would happen in that circumstance?
(I would love a Reps Opinion/View/Protocol on this as this would be interesting to know)

I don't see it as fair that a casino should score $999,500 from a player pool due to a player having a max cashout on a free chip or bonus. The money should be returned to the jackpot for a 'real' player to win and not pocketed by the casino.

This is purely hypothetical and I am unsure as to whether this has happened in reality or not? I do tend to wonder about things like this though!

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irish luck (rival) tried to pull off a similar stunt and got many players agitated. i am not sure how it works but a progressive is paid from funds held by the software provider unlike the random jackpots. i would think that rtg would not allow any casino to keep the money but would reinstate it into the progessive again but thats just my line of thinking.


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I have heard of other similar scenarios - Actually not relating to free chips. The progressive is linked to various casinos across the software. When the progressive is hit, the Casino itself does not cough up the dough. The Casino serves as a middleman for the player to get his/her funds from the software provider.

Rogue Casinos have held back payment after receiving it even though the player did not use a free Chip.

I hate RTG's free chips!!!!:p



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Where does the money go?

Sadly this comes down to the 'rogueishness' of the casino in question.

Reputable casino's will have a clause about this in their terms. For example here is one from our own T's and C's:

3: Unless otherwise stated cash bonuses or gifts are assumed to have a maximum withdrawal allowance of 5X the gift amount, excluding network wide progressive jackpots which are paid in full.

It's even a requirement to be accredited here at CM:

Must pay out progressive jackpot wins in full or in reasonable chunks, regardless of any terms and conditions limiting payouts.*

We would be thrilled if one of the huge progressive jackpots was hit with us. As people have pointed out this comes from a network wide pool and so essentially it's a million bucks worth of positive free publicity for the casino where it's hit.

On the flip side I seem to remember one of the rogues a while ago running a promotion where players were credited with massive bonuses to play over a weekend, with the balances being reset when the promotion was over and prizes going to anyone who had reached a huge total (I cant remember the numbers but perhaps this will jog someones memory who has better recall than me - was the goal to reach 1 mil?)

This was seen as an underhanded way to try and have some progressives hit which the casino could then seize as the terms had a prize cap. :(

Stick to the accredited casinos and your progressive wins will be safe.:thumbsup:


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Some of this is down to the software provider. The rogues only get away with it because the provider allows it to happen.

Playtech got a great deal of criticism for allowing a rogue casino to pocket half a CAD$4Million progressive won by a player by imposing their weekly payout cap that would have meant it took 30 YEARS to pay the win in full, and then blackmailing the player into accepting half in one lump sum provided she agreed to forefeit the rest to the casino.

RTG have random jackpots, and this came up with iNetBet, and the rep said that any winnings from the RJ that exceeded the max cashout were put back into the RJ pool.

Top Game withdrew a faulty game, and it's accumulated progressive, and it was never reinstated. After much argument, a vague assurance was made by Top Game that the pool had somehow been shared out among players in other ways, rather than being pocketed by Top Game - I don't think too many CM members believed it:rolleyes:

I think CS underestimate the importance of this question, and may be tempted to bluff it with what they think happens, rather than find out. The above looks like a CS agent tried to get away with a "brush off" answer, and then realised they were up against a player who actually CARED about the fairness of what happened, so decided they were out of their depth, and thus quickly wanted an exit strategy from that chat session.

CS giving the wrong information can get casinos into a great deal of trouble where that wrong information is given to the wrong player;)


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One question :rolleyes:

When a player receives free chips/bonus and uses this on a progressive game (those who are linked with other competing casinos), will this lead to more costs/expenses for the casino since the casino will have to contribute with "real" money to the jackpot(s) based on the free/bonus chips betting (compared to if the player plays at a "ordinary" slot).

If so, is this the real reason why some casinos prohibits play on progressive games with free chips/bonus ?