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Jun 5, 2004
Hello All,

I would like to write an article that will be placed on your website. I will write the article about the keyword phrase that you provide me. These articles will rank highly on Google. Google loves specific keyword rich content. I will do this for FREE, all that I ask is a link to my website at the bottom of the article. I am in the process of link building and I write great articles.

If interested, please email me. I would be happy to answer your questions.

Best Regards,

Travis Newman (please replace the # with @)
I may be interested depending on the article - but I especially need to know what your website is like. I don't want to link to a site I do not like.
yes quote your website name

sure i will love to know about ur website link



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**Dear Travis, if you are still doing, this, please get in touch with me... I think this is great in two ways!! Please pm me! Thanks **

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