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Oct 26, 2001
i recently got a promo for 25 free from grand onoine and flamingo club with no deposit required. Im a bit wary of taking them up on it cause u have to register a card. Don't want to have the problems jinnia had with virtual or is it prism that took all kinds of money out of her account.

I registered my bankcard with a couple of casino to take the offer the had. After Prism/Virtual stole the money from my checking account, I quit doing that, and hot carded that bankcard, and had a new on issued. I will NEVER again use any charge/bankcard to make a deposit at ANY online casino.

But that is only MY personal feelings.

I have registered a checking accout with NeTeller which has me a bit worried. But if need be, I'll shut down that checking account.

Best of luck!
I've always been wary of giving a new casino a credit card number just to receive $10 or so of free money. As far as NETeller goes, the checking account I use for transfers to/from NETeller is used only for that. I have a different account at a different bank for my household funds. I don't want to end up not being able to pay the mortgage because of a misunderstanding with NETeller or some casino operator.
I would be very skeptical about depositing any money with any Playtech Casino until all of this nonsense incident to wagering requirements is straightened out. Have a good one.

i dont have to deposit anything . 25 free no deposit. have to wager i think 100 bucks and cant cash out the 25 just what u win with it.
Since neteller requires your SSN to open an account, I cant even open one. I am very leary of giving such personal info. Has anyone given their SSN without being worried?

PS - I am in AC, hubby won 10K in a poker tourney, my losses have that beat...lmao!
Hi Linda, I've had pretty good service from Neteller and I've registered three credit cards two checking accounts and provided my social security number to them without any problems.

As far as I'm concerned there is no one else that holds a candle to them in the industry today. Have a good one.

CONGRATULATIONS to your husband Linda!!!!

Don't blow all of your husbands winnings, leave him at least a $100 .. lol
Thank you Cipher. I feel more confident now opening a Neteller account. ***hugs***

Jinnia, too late(((( I lost all his winnings and than some. Geez, he knew when he married me he was getting the worst of it. He has some nerve complaining now...lmao. ***hugs****
Well, the nerve of that man, complaining now!! My my .. lol

Sorry you lost, but did you have fun?
LMAO....I can't keep silent anymore.

Linda, how dare can he compllain to you .... Geez. he must love you very much to let you loose the 10k he just won. My hubby will shoot me (but he never gamble either. So he won't even win 10k at first place anyway). He won't even buy the $1 scratch ticket because he doesn't believe this....

It sounds you have a lot of fun and laugh. I am thinking of going to Mohegan Sun or Foxwood on Dec. I live about 1 hour away from these casino and I never been there. Just very curious how it look. Maybe see some show, have few drinks and gamble a little bit. (smile) I moved all my money out of my gambling checking account and Neteller for the Holiday break. I also made a little profit ($700) on SuperVegas and Crockfords last week. So I will have cash to play around at the casino there. Want to join me???

I don't have any compliant with Neteller. They made mistakes sometimes (who doesn't?) but the customer service is pretty good according my experience. You just need to watch it like anythingelse. I have a special checking account for Neteller ( NOT my household account) and also have more than double amount for transfer in case there is a mistake happen.
For example, I keep more than $1000 if I want to transfer $500 from the checking account to neteller...

About SS number. It's always a good idea to run Credit Report every 1-2 years and you will catch it if there is a ID thift around or something wired. Another thing: Don't leave your new arrival check at mail box. LOL~


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If I may ask? You lost 10k!!!? Playing what? If I had 10k to start in a casino, boy Id be rich within a yr or less.
Rainman: I lost 15K playing $10 slot machines, roulette, baccarat and some BJ. Yes, I have much more money left...ty for asking tho. In fact my son who is 12 already has his college money and wedding money, as does my daughter. As far as you lasting a year on 10K...what would you eat? Your fingernails? You keep crying that every casino is rigged...I could just imagine you in a live casino...WOWEE!!!!!!
Dear Bewitch:
Hubby will be going to AC in December to play the poker tourneys at the Taj...but I will come and meet you at Foxwoods. We will have soooo much fun. Also, I have alot of points on my card, so we can use those and have some fun.

I will tell you a funny story. The first time hubby and I went to Atlantic City, he went to sleep and I was playing the high limit slots. Well, I ran out of cash and went upstairs. He had about 9K in his pocket and some odd ball 20's.
I left him about $180, and off I went and lost it all. When he woke up, he asked me if I was nuts, I said yes. lol. The next time we went, again he went to sleep and of course I went to the high limit slots, lost my cash again and went up to the room to raid his pants. Only this time he was ready for me. He was sleeping with his jeans on and his hands in his pockets...LMAO!!!!!!!
But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...his pants did not stay on too long. LOL!!!! Then he slept like a baby and I gambled like an animal....LMAO!!!!
And I thought prostitution was only legal in a couple of counties in Nevada.
FUN is the the purpose not the money... Rainman, I really hope you have fun while playing at casino no matter win or lose, big or small... as long as you know what you can afford or can't.

Have a good one! And I really hope you enjoy this hobby!
Will be waiting for Lindas attack..

in the meanwhile:

What is marriage? Legalized prostitution!! And that goes both ways, for the males as well as females!!
LMAO, Linda You are GOOD~

I didn't see your post earlier and now I am laughing hard... No wonder he can't say NO to you. LOLOLO....

Are you serious? You will probably be sorry to have me. I never really go "into" any land casino and I will be like a little kid going to candy store with mouth wide open and eyes pop out...

My hubby finally decide to give me 2 days off. I never left my kids more than half day. I love them but I really need a break even just one night. I don't know where to go and feel strange to stay at hotel by myself. That's why I think about casino.

I won't play big like you and probably just watch others most of time. I am think about any weekend before Xmas. It's sooo nice you offer being my company. But I won't fall asleep before you. (Just kidding)

HAPPY Thanksgiving to everyone!!!
Kniepm: Prostitution is allowed in New York, but only in my house with my hubby...lmao!

Jinnia: thank you my friend, you always got my back...****hugs**** (I gave Kniepm the benefit of the doubt that he was

Bewitch: I would love to meet you and hang out, I will play whatever you play. They also have a big bingo game in Foxwoods and the points off my account can pay for that...woohoo!!!! ****hugs****

Jinnia, where do you live hun? Are you on the east coast? I would love to meet you too...imagine the three of us on the loose...the world wont be too safe...lmao!!!!!
Yeah, Girl's party! Linda, Jinnia and...Where is Wanda? LOL~

Linda, you can play whatever you want. I will have fun just watching you or anyone there. The excitement, noise (not kid's one) and having fun is what I am looking for. I only visited land casino 2 times and play less than $20 slots each time. But it's fun to walk around, watch others and the show. And the FOOD... I love to eat gourmet cooking. The steak, seafood and dessert.... Yummy!

Sorry, Rainman. I totally took the topic off the track. Hope you have a good one at the $25 and make a nice profit.
Thanks for the benefit Linda -- even if I did deserve flames. If you're happy and hubby's happy, more power to you both. You girls have a great time. I'm staying safely west of the Mississippi.
Kniepm: You are always kind, I hoped you were kidding. I feel better now!!!! Come to the EAST of the girls will protect ya.

****hugs**** Linda
<,<,Linda7: Jinnia, where do you live hun? Are you on the east coast? I would love to meet you too...imagine the three of us on the loose...the world wont be too safe...lmao!!!!!>,>,

Hi Linda,

I live in Springfield, Misery (laugh), West of Mrs.ippi ..
Misery put out an APB about me in every State a long time back.. but I still leave my sig wherever I go...LOL

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