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Mar 7, 2003
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Another webmaster takes up the cudgels

Following a lead set last week by the Casinomeister and several other portal owners, the webmaster at portal has taken a strong stand against the ongoing bad practice at numerous Real Time Gaming-powered online casino sites.

In an open letter posted under her "handle," Amateur Sleuth on the busy Winneronline forum she attacks RTG CEO Michael Staw and his company for '..."depraved indifference" to what your licensees are doing in your name (that) has reached the level of fraud and larceny.' and accuses the Virtual Group, along with Windows and NetClub, TCO, and Casino Merlin, as being operations that had left players with outstanding payouts, and refused to pay winners what was owed to them.

The letter contains references to communications between AS and company execs in which specific complaints about licensees were made and RTG took responsibility '...for the problems arising from some bad RTG licensees refusing to pay players. In addition, we talked about licensees changing Bonus Terms, and making up "Bonus Abuse" databases to avoid paying players.'

Commenting that Staw had placed himself in the position of being a liar and a thief, who preyed on the very people who supported him, the webmaster went on to inform him that is it is past time to:

(1) Insure that players at ALL RTG CASINOS are paid promptly, without undue hassle, under the Terms and Conditions at the time of their deposits, or

(2) Remove the licensees who do not comply with this code of conduct.

The post ends by observing that RTG has had fair warning many, many times before, but that Staw has chosen to ignore these in favour of profit.

"The clock is ticking. You can pay now, or pay later. Your operation can easily fall like a House of Cards. If you lie in bed with thieves and criminals, and you can expect to get what you deserve."

RTG's Eddie Kleid and Tom Brailey were asked for comment but no response had been received as we went to press.

[color=0000ff]Bravo Casinomeister[/color]
I think that's an InfoPowa bulletin from earlier this year, Jinnia although AS does remain justifiably critical of RTG. This story is in the Casinomeister News archives.
Thank you jetset, didn't know it was already here. Knew it was an older article, but was deleting files in an OVERLY stuffed folder of mine, so put it up before it was gone.


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