Found a great Casino, I hope....


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Apr 30, 2004
I've had great luck with Mapau Casino, fast payouts and 24hrs customer service. Mainly what atracted me was the $0.10 minimum bet on Blackjack.Which allows me to take atvangtage of the Martingale system and max my payout.

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My question is...

Can I continue to trust them? Has anyone else tried them?

Thanx in advance,

Kyle Gee :)
I've been a member there for years now and never had a problem getting paid. I haven't played there for many months now though, but I wouldn't expect to have a problem if I did.
They should be okay.
They might not have the fastest payout, but they do pay in a timely manner.
They didn't ask for tones of documents either.
part of the Sunny Group.. good group of casinos, I play their regularly and any problems (very rare) are quickly fixed for me.

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