FortuneLounge - Liars! and Thieves?


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Jul 19, 2002
they locked my accounts across the Fortune Lounge group. summary of the bull:

"you have to send in documents" - 4 times. each time promised the email would be sent while i was on the phone. each time it was a lie.

"oops, we meant to say that you are linked with 98 other players."
"oops, no you don't have to send documents."

"well, you have to send in these documents. "
"oh, ya.. well, you're linked with 7 other players. because youi mostly play blackjack. and the machine ids. and you use hotmail."
"we're keeping the money in the account"
"fine, i'll send you your balance to neteller."
"well, maybe i'll send you your last deposit instead."

I have a thread on WOL as well. Unbelievable. I've pitched a bitch to the Meister, hopefully he can help.
Hi Gamblinboi,

I'll forward your complaint to Fortune Lounge. But to be honest with you, when you get this hot-headed and start flaming the forums, it makes things difficult to getironed out. You should have lodged a complaint first, and if that didn't work, take it into your own hands.

The posting that you made doesn't really explain anything, and if I weren't hanging around right now, it would merely appear that you are freaking out somewhere.

Take a few deep breaths, count to ten, and perhaps we can get to the bottom of this.

Hi Bryan,

I realize now it probably would have been best to wait for a bit before posting to the forums, but i honestly thought this was all going to be ironed out quickly.

Initially i was told (by at least 3 reps) that all that was required is some forms to be sent in. My initial post on WOL was about this - how it's silly and annoying to keep requesting the same forms over and over again. When I finally got ahold of a supervisor who agreed with me that this was all silly, I thought everything would get sorted out. Instead, he promises he'll sort things out and call me back. But he doesn't. So I call him back and ask him what's going on, he says he's meeting with their security guy and he'll email me when he's done the meeting. I asked him for his word on that, and he gave it to me.

Well, next morning and surprise, no email. I do some quick math and since the supervisor started at 1, has 8 hour shifts, I figured he had another 2 hours left and I could talk to him again. But no, he's "left for the day." I talk to another supervisor and he first tries to tell me that the security department emailed me some forms last nite (false), then he told me that my accounts would remain locked because I was linked to 7 players (the previous day it was 98), and that they would keep the money in my account.

Well at that point i lost my cool. I had been up till 2 am trying to sort these things out, and I had woke up early in the morning just to get on the phone with the previous supervisor again only to find out he is dodging me. I said that if they kept the funds, would be flat out theft. He then promised that he would send the balance to my neteller. Of course, that was followed 5 minutes later by an email saying that they'd send only the deposit back. You see, they had sent me a $200 match bonus this weekend past, so there was my funds and the bonus in the account.

*sigh* the past day/two days have been nothing but false/broken promises to clear this up, (inadverdant? or are they really that incompetent?) lies, and now more poppycock about me being linked to other players.

If they don't want me as a player, fine! that's their right, but to put me through all this crap, and then lie continously.. it's just ridiculous.
I can appreciate how frustrating it must be to put up with this run-around and I truly sympathize with you. But Bryan's right - it's much more difficult for a mediator to achieve a decent settlement if the player has been trashing the casino all over the place before he has a chance to talk to management and get the issue resolved.

The sequence should ideally be:

If no luck escalate to supervisor or management
If no luck then engage thru' mediator
Only after this has failed is it smart to flame 'em and shame 'em...and report them to whatever professional and licensing bodies you know they belong to.
jetset, absolutely true. i mean, i'm not a newbie i should have done this. i guess i just flipped out because of the ridiculousness of it all, and the constant misinformation that was fed to me by the casino staff. I honestly think now the customer support people were just as misinformed as I was, and their player security division is the one that deserves a tongue lashing.

I don't quite think I've been flaming and trashing them JUST yet.... the name calling ("liar") was a bit much, but i've just been so frustrated, and short of sleep because their hours are so different from mine. You gotta admit though, that much misinformation and broken promises..


I just talked to another "pitboss" who was very pleasant and patient with me, I guess he understands what I'm going throuhg, and have been informed that my $200 deposit should be returned soon once their player security people approves it.
It is regrettable that the player was given the run-around
and we sincerely apologise for the aggravation that was caused.

As it is our policy to refund purchases where possible in cases where
accounts have been locked, we are in the process of calculating the
difference between his purchases and his cash-ins. (The amounts that we have
paid him in cash-ins will be deducted from the total purchases the balance
that will be refunded back to him.) As soon as this calculation has been
completed we will effect any refund as soon as possible.

I agree with "jetset" and wish to urge players at any casino to escalate
issues that do not get resolved through the processes that exist within
these casinos. It is totally unnecessary for anyone to have to go through
such aggravation and I will certainly address this particular case with our
Player Services staff.


Fortune Lounge
As I just posted on Gone Gambling, I have purchased $1,750 in the 4 casinos since November. I have cash ins of $7,155!

Last Thursday night I hit a Royal at The Fortune Room. Tuesday morning I had a FedEx'd check in my hand. I didn't even know they had processed my cash in and here I have a $4,275 check!

In the past my cash ins have ranged from $50 to over $1,500. Nary a problem.

I can atest that Fortune Lounge Casinos are honest and pay promptly.

I hope your situation gets worked out. Please keep us posted.
congrats on the Royal, bighawk!

I was a player at FL for close to two years, so i do know that they pay promptly and only up until this incident they've been honest, friendly and efficient. The supervisors I've dealt with in this matter have conceded that the way this was delt with in a sub-par manner.

I am hoping to get my deposit returned soon (as the email posted by Bryan above apperently did not come from the guy who actually authorizes and directs these things) and I will post an update.

I hope you don't encounter what happend to me later on down the road...
The email was from the VP of Casino Operations for the Fortune Lounge group. I am sure he is aware what is going on.

Keep us updated.
my $200 has been returned to my Neteller account. Case closed. My accounts will remain closed but that is their perogative. I hope no one else has to go through this!!
Why did they boot you in the first place gamblinboi? I don't think I ever understood that part.
Gamblinboi -

Are you now blacklisted from all Proc-Cyber linked casinos? If so, you should protest this. If you believe you have been unfairly locked out by Fortune Lounge, then you need to make this known to PCS immediately. Otherwise you'll be locked out of all Microgaming powered sites.

PCS did this to me a while back, and I wouldn't tolerate it, and after a few days of run around, I made it clear to them I wanted to deal with noone but a supervisor. They told me I couldn't speak to a supervisor directly. And a mail ticket # would be generated for a supervisor to reply to. After 3 or 4 business days, there was no reply. So I contacted PCS again, and asked them to excalate the matter, once again. Another 2 business days went by, and still no reply. Just apology after apology from every CSR around. It sounded like the CSR's were groveling up to me.

Anyway, I was asked to call PCS (toll free) in the very early morning hours (my time) so that someone would be available in London to handle my situation. I still could not speak to the supervisor, but the CSR could, via thier internal tie lines. It was ridiculous. I would tell the CSR one thing, and he would miscommunicate it to the supervisor. Then the process would start all over again, and would be repeated 3 times. I asked if the supervisor could call me back, and the CSR told me no, and that that office doesn't deal with the general public directly.

After going over my situation at least 15 times
I was indeed removed from the known promotion abusers blacklist.

I hope this gives hope to anyone else on this listing. There is a glimmer of hope in getting off this list. It was such a pain in my ass dealing with these inept indivuduals.

I do not believe I was deliberately put on the list. The whole thing was accidental.

However, I should not have been penalized for a mistake in the casino's terms/conditions. It took another 2 days for my account at that casino to be unlocked.
jpm - the reason give for kicking me is that they said i was linked to anywhere between 7 and 97? players or that something about my account matched some details on a negative database.

dave_r i don't know if i am blacklisted from all PCS casinos, i don't see why i would. They did not mention anything like that, and I was playing at Golden Riviera just yesterday with no problems.

I've never violated any promotion terms and conditions to my knowledge, and if I have, it was accidental and the casino would reverse my cashout so that I could finish the WR if I miscalcuated how much I had wagered (this has happened once? or twice in the past at an MG casino, because i totally lost track of my wagering.)

Bryan, could you change the title of this thread to Fortune Lounge Problem? Thanks.

(Message edited by Gamblinboi on February 27, 2003)
Sounds like its more of a Proccyber problem than casino specific. I've been fighting with them since last May over an issue similar to dave_r's and it still is not resolved. I don't want to go into too much detail since Julie is working on it for me. If she can't get it resolved, then I will be more than vocal about it here and anywhere else I can. I think if you tried signing up at another MG casino, you'd probably get locked out from there too gamblinboi. Might be worth trying (without depositing funds) just to see, then if it happens, you'll know the root of the problem is Proccyber and you can at least try to clear your name.
jpm i have not had any problems with proc cyber or any other casinos. i think fortune lounge just didn't like that i was winning, and they kicked me for that. that's their right, no need to get into all this other nonsense about databases -- although they didn't say i was on a database but something about my computer or my account was similiar to something on the database, as vague as that is.
Gamblinboi -

If the problem is with Proc-Cyber, you may not find out about it until the next time you cashin at a PCS linked casino. All of a sudden your account will be locked AGAIN, and all winnings + bonuses will be voided. Do you want this to happen to you at Golden Riviera?

If I were you, I'd get in touch with Proc-Cyber immediately, and give them your Fortune Lounge account #, and ask them if it was the casino's decision to blacklist you, or if Proc-Cyber made this decision. Chances are the person on the phone will be CLUELESS, and will have to escalate the situation to management. Ask them for the tracking # for your case.

This way you have a definite answer.

Otherwise, you're taking a very big risk of NOTE GETTING PAID in the future. Why take this risk?
That was my point exactly dave, been there and had that problem with them myself. Still having it in fact. Have I mentioned that I really hate Proccyber?
well jpm and dave, i took your advice and decided to call proc cyber. proc cyber told me i had to ask the casino. the casino told me that they just forward their data to proc cyber (whatever that data may be) and that proc cyber does what it pleases with it.

when i asked FL to elaborate and do as proc Cyber suggested, i didn't get a response yet.

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