doesn't pay me!!!


Dormant account
Dec 29, 2002

I have accounts at the following casinos:
RoyalVegas rvr0427xxx
7sultans 7sr042xxxx and
Vegas Palms vpr037xxxx.
I have opened the accounts at these casinos in an Internet cafe in Hamburg, but since the cost of using this Internet cafe was really high, i wanted to play at home.
However, since my own computer is rather slow, i went to a friend's house to play; Florian Geyer, who also has an account at these casinos. I accessed my account through his machine and apparently was locked out of her accounts because the casino software recognized that two players were using the same computer.
But since she did not open her accounts at Mr. Geyer's computer, all should be fine. She says she tried to explain this to the casinos and states that she has sent identification documents and scanned copies of her credit card and credit card invoice to prove to you who she is. She is upset because she says she is owed about $ 800 by now.

It is a misunderstanding instead of a case of fraud.
Natascha Protze
Hi Natascha,

Your complaint was presented to Fortune Lounge at the beginning of November, and I am searching though my emails since I know they responded. Unfortunately it was not in your favor, and I thought I had notified you of this. If not, my apologies. I will contine to look into this until I have an answer.


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