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Aug 23, 2003
I decided to play vegas towers, it was no problems they paid and everything was fine. However, I decided to then play royal vegas and 7 sultans. I deposited into the casinos-then when I attempted to play the following day, both casino accounts were locked. The worst part of this is that they refused to give me back the money that I had put into the casino. I guess this must be there way of getting the money back from people who have won at their other casinos. Casinomeister I see that from the above complaints that you have been able to assist people with their problems. If there is anything you can do to help me with this that would be great. Thank you
Gunner, I'm sure I'm not telling you anything that the Meister would'nt, but if you want the Meister's assistance in this regard it would be extremely helpful to him for you to fill out the Pitch a Bitch form. It might save you a little time as well. Have a good one.

We received notification from Neteller that gunner was apparently colluding with two others on Neteller accounts and as a result we locked the three accounts involved.

I have already mailed gunner, requesting an explanation of his link with the other two players and will re-assess the situation as soon as I receive a reply.

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Thanks Cipher for giving the visitors a heads up!

You're right, I normally won't step in unless the agrieved player fills out the form in the "pitch a bitch" section.

I surely hope this is not another case of player fraud. I'm getting pretty much fed up with this crap. I've considered shutting down the "pitch a bitch" section because of the abuse it receives.

But that would be doing a disservice to the honest players who have had legitimate complaints. Sheesh.

Gunner: welcome to Casinomeister's forum. If I seem a bit cynical, it's because there has been a swarm of fraudulent players that have been hammering Microgaming and RTG sites recently. My apologies.

But in the same breath, I would like to say that I hope you aren't one of them. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.
Personally Bryan, I think it would be a huge mistake to shut down the Pitch a Bitch section. The positive results that I've seen as a result of the Pitch a Bitch section far out weigh any of the "attempted" scams.

Sooner or later these scammers realize they can't get past the "BS FILTERS" in place here at the CASINOMEISTER. Have a good one.

I'm with Cipher on this one, Bryan - Pitch A Bitch does a great job for decent and genuine players who have been screwed, and it would be a pity to shut it down due to some slimeball scammers.

I think we have assembled enough common sense and experience in your forum to be generally able to root out these BS artists when they surface and send them on their way.
Yeah I know, I'm just venting...I guess I need my own "pitch a bitch" section :evil:

As long as there is Casinomeister, there will be a bitch to pitch.

Back on the subject here, the player has been informed that once he clarifies the relationship with the other players, and if it is a satisfactory answer, they will proceed with the cash-in.
Does anyone else find it fishy that the Fortune Lounge rep says they were notified by Neteller of colluding with 2 other players? Wouldnt this be some sort of violation of privacy by neteller? I find it hard to beleive that neteller would provide such information to a casino. Seems more like a scapegoat excuse by FL. As well what is colluding with neteller accounts? And why is there a problem with it? Isnt it possible that 2 people with neteller accounts might log in to their accounts from the same computer? Im really having a tough time trying to grasp this explanation by FL as Im positive that neteller would not freely give out information about peoples account usage.
Those same thoughts that Skidmark posted, crossed my mind, too.

Why would Neteller give out "any" information about an accountholder, to a casino?

And if this IS true, I would have serious concerns about conducting any business with Neteller.

The FortuneLounge Rep should address this here.

The casinos are starting to know more about us than our own families do. :eek:
There is nothing "fishy" here except, perhaps, the fact that I have not heard a word from gunner to date. If you think that I will make a "scapegoat" of a company such as Neteller in a public forum you need to reconsider.

The information surfaced as a result of our enquiry as we were suspecting fraud. There is also no difference between this specific enquiry and references that may be obtained from your bank.

You have no more need to be concerned about conducting business with Neteller than you need to have dealing with your bank. We actually know very little about you (less than your bank) yet we perform the same transactions of accepting and paying out money.

The contentious reality is that on-line casinos will always have to perform certain checks to verify player identity. This protects both the casino and legitimate players. Fortune Lounge is also not the only casino group that makes use of this practice.

It is indeed very difficult to please everyone - when we request copies of drivers licenses, etc from players, it is regarded as unacceptable - if we decide not to inconvenience a player with such a request but to rather verify his existence with his bank or funding company it is also unacceptable.

Now, to return to the actual subject of this thread.

We are giving gunner the benefit of the doubt. I have requested him to clarify the relationship between him and the other players. I have not heard from him yet. When I hear from him I will post the result in this forum.

Perhaps you should start a new thread on the issue of player verification as this practice is applied by all casinos - not only our group.

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Is this Fortune Lounge guy serious?

This group tried to call my bank to ask questions about me, like I want an online casino calling my bank to begin with, and my bank told them to piss off.

Any legitimate financial institute would not divulged information about usage of someones account to some online casino.

If Neteller is a legit company then Im sure they would not offer any personnal info about their clients as it is a major violation of privacy.

Either Fortune Lounge is offering up another weak excuse to not pay someone, or Neteller is shadier then I previously thought.

Anyways Fortune Lounge, even if their is something going on with this guys account, that gives you no right to keep this guys deposit, thats simply stealing.

Man when will this group finnally cease all their crap and try to run a decent business. So Fortune Lounge are you gonna steal this guys money or simply send his deposits back which is the right thing to do?????

I feel for you Gunner, Fortune Lounge tried to steal my money as well, accusing me of giving them fake ID when it clearly wasnt.

They eventually did the right thing and paid up but it took a while.
Everything about Fortune Lounge seems suspect to me. They have gained a lot of popularity in the last year and a lot more players but they seem to give away too much money.

I've read gambling grumbles for the first time in a while and noticed a similar case of stealing deposits and winnings form a player about a month ago. They changed their minds that time but somehow I am not sure it's resolved with the player that complained to me. I have seen no evidence he is linked to 140 players in a Russian syndicate (he is in Canada and not Russian) or what justified them keeping his deposits for so long.
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Lots of people have been regularly making $600 a month on their Neteller bonus that only has to be wagered twice! I've never done this but it's a 5% bonus on each casino up to $100. Which means a player must deposit $12000 to get this 'easy' $600 bonus that has virtually no wagering requirements (2x). This suggests they are desperate for deposits. I've also heard they've been calling players to deposit.

Also, it seems that they are looking for excuses not to pay players. Why did they decide to ask Neteller about this case? What was suspicious? I can't believe Neteller told them anything and I can't see what reules the player broke.

I get promo offers all the time and on the rare occasions I played them in the past it usually takes ages to get the bonuses but I have no idea what their problem is.
First, FL has a point. If this player has not defended himself then their is suspicion there BUT shouldnt we be concerned neteller is exchanging info about players without contacting them and trying to get the problems solved or payments stopped? maybe they did. This is why i dont give my bank info to any of these online processors anymore. Firepay burned me and NEVER again. It's cash only. PPATM or western union. If this comes to the surface as a legit deposit then we all have a worry on our hands that neteller violates privacy.

I "wonder" what Neteller would tell me if I "asked" about "your" deposits & withdrawals??

Actually, that would be rather helpful to players thinking of depositing at various casinos.

It would be a bit alarming to find out that "ABC Casino" only had twelve dollars in their account... :eek:
It sounds like he was saying gunner and 2 others had multiple neteller accounts, or were trying to establish multiple neteller accounts? If you did that, it'd be easy to open multiple casino accounts and use the different neteller accounts to get multiple signup bonuses. Is this the sort of thing that was happening FL? That's the only scanario I can envision with the info given.
I don't get it. Here we have ANOTHER incident of suspected player fraud, and nearly everyone is conjuring up convoluted conspiracy theories.

The bottom line is, Gunner hasn't answered back with an explanation. So it appears that he is just another fraudulent player who likes to jerk everyone's chains. And amazingly so, many of you fall for this. I see this happen over and over and over where some person posts their grievances, and everyone comes out of the woodwork and voices their "unfair casino practices!" opinions.

But then again, I guess that's what a forum is all about.

I don't see a problem here except I think "gunner" is jerking our chains. So what's up gunner? Have you contacted FL and given them the information that they requested?

C'mon now, gunner. You've got us all in suspense :D
players are being jerked around one hell of a lot more than any player has ever jerked a casino around, this is My Opinion!

For any player to run a scam, justice will prevail in one way or another, sooner or later, and I say GOOD, the scammers need to learn a hard lesson.

But, same goes for a casino, if they steal, lie and cheat a player, I say the same thing, justice will prevail one way or another, sooner or later, and what ever they lose from doing so, I say GOOD to that also.

So we all have our own opinions of what we read here, some coming to a conclusion based from own factual experiences.

And it is a LOT easier for a business to lie and scheme around an issue. So naturally peoples first thoughts(the majority) will be against a business.

You are, of course entitled to your opinion.

There is, however, nothing for us to gain by the uneccesary locking of player accounts (which is always the reason for these debates) or to "lie and scheme around an issue" in this and other forums.

In fact, we do not even need to monitor or respond in these forums (which only a handful of casinos do). But we do so from a point of honesty and a sincere interest to improve our service. We have always admitted where we have gone wrong and we have implemented measures to enhance the player experience of our casinos.

In this particular case you are just automatically assuming that we are the guilty culprits. Did it occur to you that gunner joined this forum on the same day he posted his complaint and has disappeared ever since despite the fact that we have requested him to contact us ? This is not the first time this has happened on this, and other forums.

Your implication that we are lying and scheming around this issue despite our responses is enough to make us reconsider our participation in forums.

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As I said, whoever is scamming who, it will be known sooner or later.

Some players try scamming casinos, and vice versa.

I said, it is easier for a business to lie about issues, I did not say you were lying.

Not one of us here knows the truth except you and gunner. We only state our opinions, which we have that right. And yes, some of the times, we are wrong, granted.

and, as you said, and I agree, when a player posts negative statements about a casino, then disappears and not respond back, it does look as if it's the player doing wrong this time.
These anti-FL posts are getting out of hand.

Funny; one of the best MG groups out there, offering a ton of new user and existing user promotions on a regular basis, and they come in for the most flack. Thinks, thinks, thinks...

Ah, maybe one or two of you are getting just a tad TOO greedy? Can't make do with that ONE account? Got to suck 'em dry with at least ten?

Damn, I'm just too insightful today.
Yeah, even though ive given this group some grief myself, as I stated in an earlier post in this thread FL had a point, unlike other FL issues where the complaintant came back over and over to defend his postion, gunner has been a no show.
Sorry about taking so long to get back to everyone about this issue. I was responding to emails about this matter, however I have no idea where this information ended up that I replyed to. I think I get this site figured out now. Fortune Lounge had received information from neteller connecting me with two friends of mine. This is true, however this is information that you would hope would not be revealed for obvious security reasons, was. I actually decided to play the Fortune Lounge group from a referral who is one of these friends mentioned earlier. You would think that the gambling industry would be pushing for friends to refer friends to play sites that they beloved to be fair. However, this would be fine of course, as long as the friend loses. As fair as playing goes, I have done nothing but try to play at the casino just like everyone else does. I was lucky enough to win at vegas towers. However, when I tried to play 7sultans and royal vegas my deposits were virtually stolen. This is wrong and it shouldn't happen.
Hi gunner

Now that you are back in circulation, maybe we can resolve this issue.

I sent you a private e-mail on 25/8 and I would appreciate it if you would respond to me directly. This issue revolves around specific names that I will not mention in a public forum as they are also players.

As far as the disclosure of your information is concerned, that is not the issue here and I have already argued this point in this specific thread during your absence.

This is not a matter of having being "referred" by your friends as we would not have locked your account on the basis of that.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi people,

NO, I'm not starting in again. Not yet..grin

Just wanted to ask, "if gunner feels he is correct in this, then why don't he make more of an effort to be here to defend his issue?

It's like a 'hit and run'. Pop in to post something againt FL, then gone for many days.

I made a mistake, to a good degree, and admitted to it once I found it, he should make sure he isn't wrong on his issue, if so, admit to it or let it drop.

I'll be checking and rechecking, while grumbling, before yelling from now on.

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