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Jun 13, 2003
I requested a withdrawal from my Havana Club account for $400 and requested it to be sent to NETeller. Today I received my withdrawal but not the whole $400. It's $360 instead and I talked to your customer service and was told that the $40 was sent to Click2Pay even though I made the deposit through NETeller and picked NETeller as my Preferred Method of Payment (PMOP).

The problem is, I've closed my Click2Pay account. Your support explained to me the whole total deposits and cash-ins thingy. But why? It's very confusing and complicated. Why can't I just get my withdrawal processed to NETeller as I requested?

The recent deposit I made was using NETeller not Click2Pay and would just like to have all my withdrawal to be sent to NETeller.

I also have a pending $400 withdrawal in my Vegas Towers account. And yes, I've made Click2Pay deposits there. And now I don't think I will get the whole $400 to my NETeller.

I asked that your casinos are using ProCyber, but this is the first time I've ever encountered this kind of withdrawal problems. I've never encountered this from any other casinos that are using ProCyber. It's just so confusing!

Please help and thanks so much in advance.

P.S. I'm sorry I'm a bit upset right now. But don't you think it would make everything so much easier and hassle free if you don't do this withdrawal separation thing?
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It is our standard procedure to refund to purchase methods with exposure first in order to prevent charge backs. As you still had $40 exposure on your Click2pay account, that amount was refunded to Click2Pay.

According to Click2Pay your account with them was locked due to returns (chargebacks) and they will utilize the $40 to cover some of the outstanding amount.

As you do not use Click2Pay as a purchase method anymore, no refunds will be made to that account.

The full $400 withdrawal on your Vegas Towers account was processed to your Neteller account.

Should you have any queries regarding the status of your Click2pay account, please contact them directly.


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Fortune Lounge,

Thanks so much for your reply and help in this. I've only found your email address after I posted.

I've received all the funds in NETeller, thanks so much!

As far as Click2Pay, I've emailed them a few weeks ago and thought that the matter had been solved.

Yay! I'm happy again! ;) Thanks, Fortune Lounge! :notworthy

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