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Mar 29, 2002
I just wanted everyone to know that Fortune Lounge has not only corrected every issue I had with them, as posted in this forum earlier this week, but have gone above and beyond what I expected to fix this.

Within 12 hours of posting my complaints, I was contacted personally by the VP of Operations from Fortune Lounge who asked for the details concerning my experience. I detailed everything in a very long email and within 24 hours not only had a reply back from the VP, but also a personal call from the head of player security to also explain what happened.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the email I received from the VP of Operations:

"Thank you for the time you spent on this.

This is as close to a horror story as you can get and I cannot apologize enough for putting you through this.

...we have processed all your cash-ins and we have made a note on your accounts that the verification documentation is not required. After yesterday all my staff should understand that no verification documentation is required for Neteller purchases and that it is none of our business how you fund your Neteller account."

They also gave me a nice bonus for my troubles, which I'm putting to good use already!

I am very impressed by the way Fortune Lounge handled this problem, both in speed and outcome. They obviously take a personal interest in their customers, both big & small (I'm not a high roller by any means) and will do what is necessary to make sure they have a good experience and remain happy. And they aren't afraid to change or remove policies when players find something wrong with them. They are the exception rather than the rule in this industry that lately seems to have more bad casinos than good ones. Fortune Lounge is definately one of the good ones and you should have no hesitation about playing there.

I'd also like to apologize for my comment where I implied they would take retribution for my posting here. I should have thought about that a bit more before I wrote it, but I was pretty upset at the time. I don't think Fortune Lounge would stoop to something so underhanded as that (unlike some other casinos I could think of!).

Thanks again Fortune Lounge for taking my issues seriously and fixing these issues so promptly and courteously! :yes:
They sure did! Then they roasted him up and served him to me on a silver platter! Yum :beer:
Great news, jpm - glad to hear that your patience and persistence has been rewarded. And good on FL for getting it right in the end!
Sheesh! Compare this to Angelciti thread, and you get a good idea why players should really think about who they are supporting.

The difference between Microgaming and RTG casino management is mind boggling.

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