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Apr 15, 2000
Hi Bryan,

I submitted a complaint to you (pitch a bitch) a few weeks ago and not heard anything back. I even CC'd some emails I sent to them to you and they didn't reply to any of those!

Well, I've finally cashed in at Royal Vegas today because it's been 7 weeks and still no bonus (I was supposed to get $150). I'd luckily already made a profit playing the deposit (deposited using credit card) but I was being charged interest after all this time.

I don't know why you are promoting this group when they don't seem to have any customer service. I'm also owed $100 at Fortune Room. You should have all the details already.
Hi Sirius,

My appologies. I've been swamped with a number of "pitch a bitches" that have been taking up some considerable time. PLus the fact that I'm switching servers, attending the ICE (when your "bitch" arrived), and dealing with some other unamed Scheisse. In essence I let you down :( Sorry.

Let me check into the Fortune Room situation. I'll get back to you.
Thanks for getting me the bonuses! I'm not sure what happened though because the Fortune Room promotion wasn't an opt-in promotion and I think I opted in to the Royal Vegas twice to be sure! To say it was because I didn't opt in can't be right because the fortune room didn't require opting in! Part of the Fortune Room email is below.

"That's right! We're giving you a festive 50% on any purchases made between Thursday December 19 (12:01am EST) and the close of Sunday December 22 (11:59pm EST) on your Fortune Room Casino account number frrxxxxxxx - up to a maximum of $200 in purchases.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is purchase and wager during the promotion time frame and leave the rest to us. [color=ff0000]No opt-in required[/color].

Accounts will be credited on Monday December 23.

Also, they say I wagered $171 for the initial purchase in March 2001 at Fortune Room but they told me before on the phone that I'd wagered $90 and then $171 (but they weren't sure what the wagering requirements were- at first they said it was 8x but then said they'd email me but didn't). I think the requirement at the time was 2x bonus after wagering the deposit. They should have contacted me when they reversed it. I'd wagered around $261 (not $171- that was after getting the bonus but I'd wagerd $90 before that). They terms must have been 2x at the time unless I made a mistake but I seem to remember the terms were 2x! So they want me to do $500 more in wagering than I'm supposed to but it doesn't really matter that much.

Even using the terms from after I played it would only require $75+ 4*75 =$375 ! They are saying it was 5*(bonus+deposit) which is double the 4x bonus amount. I played when they opened and I'm sure it was only 2x bonus. then

from :
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Unfortunately, waybackmachine doesn't show the terms when they started, but only the start of April.

3. Wager the purchase amount to receive your promotional bonus.
4. The full promotional BONUS amount needs to be wagered four times before the purchaser becomes eligible to cash-in the bonus amount.

Bryan Bailey wrote:
<, Hi Sirius,
<, Sorry for the delay, but things are pretty thick and heavy on my end.
<, Anyway, here are the responses I have for your Fortune Lounge
<, accounts:
<, Fortune Room Casino
<, Bonus Query
<, xxxxxx xxxxxx is querying a Purchase Match Promo that was never
<, credited to his casino account. The specific promo he is referring to
<, is an opt-in promotion and he did not opt in for the promotion. Under
<, normal circumstances we would not credit the account but we have
<, decided to credit his Fortune Room account with the $100 applicable to
<, the promotion.

<, Cash-in Query
<, The cash-in of $60 was reversed on 21 March 2001 as he did not meet
<, the wagering requirements:
<, He received $75 - 100% Match Bonus (wagering requirements : $75 + $75
<, x 5 = $750)[color=ff0000]Actually the wagering would have been 1x deposit and then 2x bonus I think. I have the requirements from just after I did it using waybackmachine but they were 4x bonus after wagering deposit which would have totalled $375 but it must have been 2x bonus when I played[/color]
<, He only wagered = $171 ([color=ff0000]Actually, I wagered $261)[/color][/color]
<, 2nd Cash-in of $50 was also reversed for not meeting the wagering
<, requirements:
<, He received $75 - 100% Match Bonus (wagering requirements : $75 + $75
<, x 5 = $750)
<, He then received $5 Re-acquisition bonus (wagering requirements : $5 x
<, 8 = $40)
<, He only wagered = $538.50}
<, Royal Vegas Casino
<, This also relates to an opt-in purchase match promotion where he did
<, not receive the bonus because he did not opt in as required. Again, we
<, have made the exception to credit his Royal Vegas account with the
<, $150 applicable to the promotion.
<, I think it is very important that xxxxx understands that bonus money
<, will not be added to his accounts again in future if he does not opt
<, in where the promotions require him to do so. Most of our promotions
<, are in an opt-in format. He also needs to take cognisance of our
<, wagering requirements related to bonus money.
<, I sincerely apologise for the matter not being resolved earlier and I
<, will address the issue with the relevant staff members. I hope this
<, has now been resolved to xxxxx's satisfaction.
<, Should you require any further information, please let me know.
<, ***end of message
<, I hope this resolves any outstanding issues that you may have had.
<, Sincerely,
<, Bryan
<, ////////////////////////////////
<, Bryan Bailey
<, Webmeister
<, Casinomeister

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