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Feb 16, 2002
Dear Bryan,

Your site has always been quite informative and helpful in enabling us online gamers to avoid rogue and evil online casinos. Thank you! However, I wonder why there has not been more of postings like:

Fortune Lounge Group of 5 Casinos (
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) is the third largest online group of casinos in cyberspace!

Its business volume is larger than all of the casinos powered by boss media combined!

It actually hires about 180 fulltime people to provide the online fun to us! Not just a half-yawning guy operating his computer from his garage counter!

It has the characters that rogue/evil casinos don't usually have: software from a software giant, fairness audited by a major third party, 24/7 toll free customer service for real!

Lastly but most importantly: they treat their customers right! They just sent a team of their top management personnel touring USA dining and wining their customers plus thousands of free chips!

I know the above straight from the horse's mouth and from my personal experience.

Maybe in addition to your excellent effort at guiding the online gaming traffic away from rogue/evil casinos, your success would be even greater if the traffic is also guided into the reputable, generous, and there-for-the-long-haul cybercasinos.

What do you think?


Hmm, I've been a member of 7 sultans and the rest of fortune lounge's group pretty much since they opened and I have yet to be wined & dined by them (never mind any of these free chips). When should I expect my dinner invite and chips to arrive?
Not sure. My area is CA. Maybe your area is in the plan. Could give them a call?


Hmm, could be. I'm on the other coast so maybe they're working their way east.
And the Fortune Lounge group has been listed here for a couple of years...

But I never heard of this:
<hr size=0>quote:<p>Lastly but most importantly: they treat their customers right! They just sent a team of their top management personnel touring USA dining and wining their customers plus thousands of free chips!<hr size=0>​
Where did this come from?
Dear Byran and Jetset,

To answer your postings, on 6/7/03, my wife and I attended a dinner at Mission Inn in Riverside CA where we and other fortune lounge customers in our area received the treatment described and from where the posted information was obtained.

It is amusing that both of you expressed surprise and disbelief, but then maybe it is understandable because most of our non-ad postings contain complaints, headaches, and problems.

That is why if we online gamers all share not only what we don't like about online casinos but also what we do like about them, we could help guide the traffic from the bad to the good so that the good are rewarded and the bad are stifled.

What do you think?


Not disbelief, Sming...rather surprise that these positive attributes (and I am assuming they are backed by fact) have not been better communicated to the industry at large by FL's marketing folks.

Kudos to FL if this is an initiative they have embarked on to spread the word and improve relations with their premier customers like yourself.

I think your comments about only concentrating on the negative are a little unjustified. From time to time players do come here when they have experienced superior (as opposed to the normal operational efficiency to which they are entitled imv) treatment at a casino.

Equally, they come here and post a warning when they have experienced less than normal treatment which is unfortunately all too common because the industry is riddled with bad operators. They not only warn others but get a little help in sorting out their problems.

And if you look through the weekly newsletters and news pages here I think you will find that positive as well as negative opinions are expressed regarding online casinos giving imo a balanced approach, although the negative tends to dominate because folks feel more strongly about getting screwed. Everyone has a view, and those perspectives are given largely unfettered expression.

I think this applies to most of the better message boards.
Same here sming. When casinos treat their players well, it's nice to hear about it :D .

The marketing guys are usually the first ones to get the word out. I was just surprised not to have heard about this. Sounds like a lot of fun.

It's always neat to meet the people behind the scenes. It puts a face on the industry, and makes it a lot more human.
Perhaps if FL are monitoring this discussion they should kick some PR butt and get a news-style report out about this initiative, using it to showcase the attributes mentioned at the beginning of this thread by Sming.

It's a great opportunity to integrate the two into a positive whole if the hype is not overdone.
I think there's probably good reason why it is being kept low-key - the uncertainty of the status of online gambling in the US.

Still, I applaud FL for what I believe is an astute move. Engendering loyalty - which is something some of us have been pushing for sometime and it is really good to see stuff like this. I would like to see a few other casinos start moving away from churn and more towards loyalty please - you all know damn well who you are :)
That thought crossed my mind when I was writing this story up for one of our bulletins, but then I thought "That doesn't slow down Golden Palace!"

But I don't want to detract from what is a laudable effort. Well done, Fortune Lounge.
Dear Bryan, jetset, and spearmaster,

You professionals obviously spend more time surfing the cyberspace and can see the evants on both sides of the wall.

Therefore, you must be correct in saying that there have been positive postings as well.

Only I as a gamer with limited time to surf the forums seem to read negative postings much more often than positive ones.

Either way, your forums are definitely guiding us online gamers in ways that are good for the good casinos and bad for the rogue/evil casinos.

Thank you!



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