Fortune Lounge Group - Any Ongoing Bonuses That Don't Suck?


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Aug 14, 2004
Is anyone getting any ongoing bonus offers from Fortune Lounge group casinos (7Sultans | Fortune Room | Platinum Play | Royal Vegas | Vegas Palms | Vegas Villa | Vegas Towers| Desert Dollar | Havana Club) that don't suck?

I've just been getting an occasional 10% match, with their standard terms (wager deposit 1x, then deposit+bonus 10x) to be used on ONE casino of my choice.

They used to offer weekly bonuses for EACH of their casinos, and with better matching percentages... 7 Sultans used to usually have the best for some reason (30% to 40%).

A while back a player host or somebody from Fortune Lounge contacted me to ask why I wasn't playing any more and I told them because of the new weak bonuses. He said that was a temporary thing and that they were going back to the better separate bonuses per casino. But apparently that was untrue, because they still suck. For me, anyway.

Anyone else getting better offers?
Bonuswise Fortune Lounge has become totally useless but from my experience they do offer excellent customerservice and very reliable payouts.
Chalupa, you may consider yourself lucky just to get 10% offers fom them still. ;)
Honestly though, they are a very good choice for gambling!
chalupa said:
Is anyone getting any ongoing bonus offers from Fortune Lounge group casinos?

They are a complete waste of space (like most MG's)

Delete them from your hard drive & look for something better (not difficult! :cool: )
Just to be clear... I have no problem with Fortune Lounge group, I have found them to be reputable and reliable, never any weaselly behavior. :)

It's just the bonuses I have a problem with.

I'm wondering if I have been "blacklisted" to wimpy bonuses or if everyone is getting the same offers now.
I think if you don't use them for a while, they send you better bonuses. Last month I got 3 'coupons' for 30% matches for 3 consecutive weeks. I hadn't used them in quite some time. Kinda nice, but it pissed me off when they called my house to remind me of them. Since then I'd gotten pretty good matches (20-30%) weekly. Of course, I was losing quite consistently at the time.

I clobbered them this week, and recieved a 15% max $22, probably time to take a break. Perhaps the bonuses will get better again, but if nothing else, I figure I should try to hold onto my winnings (this time).

I do like thier bonuses, as they have very reasonable T&C's attached to them.

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