Fortune Lounge - Christmas Debacle - My Apologies


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Dec 24, 2005
I've just received a response via Wim (operations manager) from their marketing manager in regards to the non Christmas appreciation issue I brought to the forum.

"We sent a hand written Christmas card to David on December 13th with an
expected delivery time of 7 to 10 days. The card was sent to xxx Xxxxxx
Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Australia, xxxx.

We seed all our direct mail pieces, and it looks like approximately half
of our Australian seeds have been delivered, but the other half not.
We're following up with the company now to get their opinion on the
issue, but my guess is that they will blame the delay on excess
Christmas postal volumes

It looks like I made a BIG mistake and jumped to a negative conclusion.

I've not received the delivery, however as posted here:

My letter box got torched so maybe the FL envelope was in that charred mess too.

Actually I'm feeling pretty damn stupid right now, and I'd like to make a public apology to both Fortune Lounge, Wim, Codie and 7Sultans too.

I'm sorry to have assume the wrong information and then acted on this by posting less than friendly comments, based not on facts but feelings.

Again I'm really sorry.


Dave (aka Trezz)
Hi Dave

Thank you for this posting. It is much appreciated.

I can understand why you felt this way about this issue as you are indeed a valued player with us - not only from a gaming point but also because of the valuable input you have given us in order to improve our performance.

I salute you for your honesty and integrity in this matter.


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Fortune Lounge
Conspiracy Theory: Trezz fired his own mailbox to spite FL :D

Conspiracy Theory (take 2): TB being desperate to ignite flame with Pina, but due to Christmas is short on cash, is approached by CR and is offered deal. One quiet night here at CM land Simmo who was racked with guilt confided in TB about his love child with Vortran007.

TB realising that his dreams of wooing Pina can become a reality threatens to tell the Meister if Simmo does not co-operate in his 'Dick Dastardly' plan.

Simmo hires the cleaner that TB mentioned in post. Simmo feeling the heat now attempts to throw red herring on the suggestion of side kick 'Muttley' with the above conspiracy theory.

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Fortune Lounge....No Response from Wim


I received the Christmas Card...but that is a very, very, very small gesture and really did not do it for me !

I am sure I will hear from the VIP Desk real soon though as I have not deposited at any of the FORTUNE LOUNGE Casinos since 12/22...that is at least 20 deposits they have not received from me in the past five or six days.

Wim...why no response to my post....


And this one...

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