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Jun 8, 2004
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Since fortune lounge group casinos only allow 20% of rollover play to be on BJ, what is the next best game to play there? i.e., which game has the least takeout besides BJ? Thanks.
Regular poker is played against other players. Players will bet, raise and bluff to try and win money from each other. It is a game played in a poker room against a bunch of mean looking characters who are after your money. Intimidating indeed.

Video poker plays kind of like a slot machine. Instead of bells, anchors or blazing sevens spinning you would receive five cards to play. You decide to keep some cards and replace some cards and the machine will pay you a certain amount of coins depending on how good your final hand is. In video poker you never play against other people. I won't try and teach you how to play here but if you are interested follow the link below. The wizard of odds has all you need to begin including playing strategies and even a game to practice with.

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Hope that helps

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