Fortune Lounge Being a Major Pain


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Apr 5, 2006
As a VIP member at Fortune Lounge I have to say they're being a major pain right now. Their support "system" was down for over 6 hours this morning for maintence so they couldn't access anyone's account. I have a $1,000 withdraw request in that was supposed to be in my neteller account this morning. When I woke it wasn't there so I tried to contact them. All morning and most of the afternoon they told me they couldn't access my information due to routine maintenance. Not only that, but their VIP live chat service isn't available either. :mad:

Needless to say I'm still waiting on my $1,000 to be put into my neteller account (which is late). Sure isn't a very good way to treat your VIP's. :mad:

As explained to you, our back office system was down due to maintenance done by MicroGaming. This was completely beyond our control.

Your cash-in was processed this morning and should be in your Neteller account already. This is still within the 24 hour period one of our VIP agents quoted you when you were on live chat with him (I have checked our chat system and it we did not have any downtime). I see that you were also given a $50 comp for the inconvenience while our systems were down.

We regret the inconvenience you suffered. I am sure you will agree that this is an exception as I noticed that all your previous cash-ins were flushed on request and that you have never experienced cash-in delays before (all cash-ins paid within 24 hours).

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
hbears...did you end up having it in your account as they said (just curious)?

Not to play devil's advocate here, but I play there frequently and do remember seeing a notice about downtime (and something about possibly involving Neteller). I'm not a VIP there yet but have had a couple of positive experiences with them, in fact none that were negative in any way..and they are usually very prompt. Hope it all worked out...
This was the first negative experience I had with them. The downtime (too me), was excessive.

It took two days, but it was in my account this morning.

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