Forget about 747 Casino


Jun 8, 2003
They,re offering a free no deposit $30.00..sounds great. Promotions page states that it will be credited within an hour...took about 4 hours and several e-mails. No toll free phone number. ( no phone number at all) I wanted to make a purchase using Citidel because I liked the games once I finally got to try them. Sent an e-mail asking them a question on how long they take to credit accounts through Citidel transactions. That was over 4 hours ago...nothing yet. They asked for documentation when they credited me with the bonus...license, utility bill..the usual shit....I asked for a return e-mail to let me know that they have received the documents... nothing in return, of course. I will not be giving them any money. If nobody responds to your e-mails when you,re trying to buy casino credits, how much harder to reach someone if you happen to win?? They have deposit bonuses that sound too good to be true, but before you get sucked into them, try getting in touch with someone first....and you,ll see what I mean. Tim
Very strange, they usually have fast response times. But if what you're saying is true then of course there may be better places to play.
I agree with Spear "very strange" as they do have normally fast response times.

I wasn't aware that they had no telephone support. There should always be someone you can speak to on the phone.
I,ll tell you what.... after I wrote them my final e-mail stating that if they can,t even answer me in a reasonable time period, considering they don,t have a phone, then I would take my business elsewhere, then the e-mails started pouring in from them. They answered every question that I had asked them in every previous e-mail....and all this within five minutes of my last e-mail sent. I don,t get it. I wasn,t being a pain in their asses or anything. I wanted to make a deposit, and I had a question about Citidel deposits. It,s too bad cuz I had heard good things about them, and the bonuses were sweet. For me...I don,t like playing anywhere that doesn,t have a exception.... Slotland! Tim

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