For VP lovers, MG seems to be generous lately


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Oct 14, 2006
I know a lot of people don't care for VP. but honestly for the last 10 days I have had great runs at 3 casinos. To be able to play Power Poker Jacks or Better, 4 play @ $10 & $20 a spin for 20 and 30 minutes is amazing.
I also played Jacks or Better single hand for over 30 minutes ( over 700 hands) betting 2.50 - 5.00 a hand with a $200 bankroll, never did hit that 4 of a kind I wanted. I also hit a few Royals in power poker 4 hand and 50 hand.:D
Yeah and what's more I think "Double Bonus" is coming in Power Poker format at the end of this month :D Been waiting for that for ages :thumbsup:
Power Poker

The house edge on the MG Jacks or Better is only .46% - only surpassed by the recently released All Aces. J or B also has a lower variance than the more exotic variations. I have had many sessions where I have seemingly gone on forever. I used to play in the Casino Action Power Poker tournaments, and there was one occasion when I wagered well over 50,000 credits at 20 credits per deal on the 4-UP version. What was good about this run was that I only made a single deposit, and was up over a grand on the day.
I have also had spells on this where a run of poor hands can wipe out a substantial bankroll in next to no time at all. Losses of 1000+ in under half an hour at 20 credits a hand, not getting a single hit on 4OK or above, and not even being dealt 3OK for starters.

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