Question for those that play video poker


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Jul 27, 2014
Hey all,

to those that play video poker and that keep stats.. (especially related to single handed video poker Jacks or Better)
how many hands on average does it take you to hit a royal flush?
and whats been your RTP since Jacks or Better has 99.54% RTP (optimal strategy).
are you in profit or loss?

Jacks or Better Royal Flush Cycle
In Jacks or Better you can expect a royal flush every 40,391 hands. This is based on playing with perfect Jacks or Better strategy and playing a full pay game.

my stats so far this year for Jacks or Better (started in April)(added all casinos)
sit at a shocking RTP 93.85%, 2424 hands.
no straight flushes (SF should hit about 1 in 9,148 hands)
no royal flushes (RF should hit about 1 in 40,391 or so)
only 2 times quads! (quads should be hit 1 in 423 hands but my stats have been only 1 in 1212 hands)


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May 29, 2004
I play a bit, multi-hand only and I prefer to lay it in Vegas to be honest as the variants are more fun. Spin Poker and stuff like that.

But online, I'm up over the past 6 months but only thanks to a Pat Royal in 10-hand DDB in November.

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