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Oct 28, 2004
Toronto ON Canada
For the record.

I started an unfortunate thread: VirtualTeds Hot Seat, which was ultimately locked by Casinomeister. In this thread I did mention that I would deposit, play without a bonus, advise a CSR of the latter, then cash out, and then report the facts to the thread.

I did all of the above except report my experience, since the thread was then locked. So for the record here is what happened. From the moment that I clicked withdraw in the Virtual cashiers area to the moment the payment was posted in my Neteller account, the elapsed time was mere hours. My estimate is three and a quarter hours.

This is not an endorsement of Virtual. Simply a fact. I identified myself as a non-bonus player to a CSR, as instructed, and my withdrawal was handled faster than I had thought.

A note to BJ players: I stuck to Caribbean21, as in the BJ area my option was $10 per hand minimum or two hands at $10 minimum each. For my own intentions of not risking much this was simply too rich for my blood, in case of a bad swing to begin with.


First time I have seen a fellow Torontonian on this board. I do the same thing as you, I never claim bonuses. It is just too much of a hassle for such measley amounts of money. Your experience just goes to prove my point. Hassle free, enjoyable playing experience, and bonus free.
Hey B21J,

Fellow Torontonians are indeed rare in these portal forums, or are we mainly lurkers?

By the way I play without bonuses at selected casinos, and it's not all money down the drain either. I do bypass assinine WR's, BUT I do not miss out on a a bonus that has possibilities. To each his own perhaps...

BTW, feel free to PM or email me as perhaps two heads are better than one and we can exchange modus oprrandi. I refuse to put angles that work in public: that's how the easy days of making online money almost died. And no, I am not talking about collusions of any sort.

As the saying goes: you have a one person here and you have one person there. They both have have one good idea. Put them both together, now two persons have each two good ideas.



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