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Oct 16, 2003
Alright everyone - I've finally pulled out of chemotherapy and have gotten back on track.

Meister - Admins - if this is the wrong place to post this - I apologize and you can move it where it needs to be.

We've got For The People By The People - just starting up.

It is an OPEN Forum for ALL:

  • Casinos
  • Forum Owners/Admin/Mods
  • Politicians
  • Gambling Portals
  • Lawyers
  • Gamblers
  • General Public
  • Gambling Affiliates
  • Lobbyists
  • News Media

It is a non-partisian location for EVERYONE to share opinions, ideas, solutions in order to implement and enact ways to defeat the H.R. 4954 UNLAWFUL INTERNET GAMBLING LAW

I beg all of you to please jump in - offer opinions - solutions - thoughts - anything to make this work.

Pass the word on.

It's in it's infancy - but We'll be doing a Mass Mailing - between Monday the 29th of January to Wednesday.

So we could really use your help.

This is NOT an affiliate linkage site - and we request that everyone understands that not everyone will agree on everything. To respect other posters without personal attacks, etc.

But that the only way This Industry will be able to defeat this Law - is by coming together - and actually hashing out information - FACTS - OPINIONS - RUMORS and creating a cohesive plan of attack - in a place that is not designed to sell, affiliate or persuade others to gamble in a casino - or join a specific group.

Please Meister and Everyone - Please Help FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE Get started - And Get Rocking!

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It only made sense to bring everyone together - in one place - where no one is an affiliate - to work together... Instead of watching each individual group or site struggle on their own.

Working togther -we can be a very powerful force - and all it will take is word of mouth.

I have probs every once in awhile with the time out - when forumco does maintenance at the months' end.

And sometimes one browser works better than the other. (FireFox and IE)

Don't know why - LOL - figures, eh?
I went to the site luckymeki. And I applaud the fact that you are attempting to do something more positive than just 'complain' about the issues we face as american gamblers.

Below is a trip report to
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START HERE - RULES - FAQ AND INTRODUCTION > READ FIRST:Welcome to For The People By The People. > All of the mentions of suspension and bannings offenses, really turned me off. > This was where I stopped, and left the site. > I doubt I will register or go back.
[I did bookmark the site though]

I fully understand why the rules are there. But, I personally am getting sick of every forum having to be moderated, sanitized, and censored, for use by adults. I would much rather deal with flame wars, trolls, spam, racial epithets, curse words, etc., etc., than censorship.
I guess this why I continue to back more and more to Usenet. And have always voted against moderation of Usenet. [I guess I have a thick skin]

I do hope that the site is 100% successful. Because, the direction of the site, is fully aligned with my interests as an american gambler.

These are only my personal opinions, and would suggest that American 'meister members, go check the site out for themselves. [This post was made to give this thread, and your site a bump, for more recognition. Than my dumbass opinion.]
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ROFLMAO @ the trip report.

The rules and moderation are there because I know there are a bunch of us who are extremely passionate about their opinions, groups, forums, casinos, etc.

And when people are passionate about what they love - sometimes they flame too much...

And because the intention of the board is to bring EVERYONE Together - Casinos - Politicians - People and all of the gambling industry - it needs to remain calmer.

Our combined purpose is to work out a plan.

To maybe get groups of people together in real life.

To become a formidable group with the same intention in mind.

To Stop this Unconstitutional Law.

but I love your passion - so get your butt over there and post some stuff.

I'd like to have some posts going by everyone BEFORE I send out the mass mailing - marketing...

So ---- IF YOU CAN HELP OUT - PLEASE... I beg you... IF This is what you believe in... PLEASE COME POST... PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINIONS...


Okay, you convinced me to join luckymeki:

I tried to sign up and post, but it won't send me a confirmation email to complete the process. Have you possibly had problems with Gmail registrations in the past?

I am sure the forum members and the 'meister will be happy to see me gone. And posting my paranoid political views elsewhere.
ANY time...

I'm still recovering - and like I said - it is just starting out - but every single thought can help!
I completed reg but haven't recieved a confirmation email, 1/2 hour or so, but I'll just read for now. Thanks for putting the work into it, hope it does some good.
Everyone is AUTOMATICALLY added.

If you have problems getting in you can email me your user name and I will reset your password.

But it is automatic for everyone - it just takes someone to go in and click on them.

Damn that's long - please cut and paste it. LOL!

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