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Frank Anton

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Feb 5, 2005
Athens, GR.
I have been a quiet reader of the forum, for quite some time now, spending my time reading compaints or various issues. I felt that my time has come to post my first topic asking for a small advice. Mainly by CasinoMeister, but any other respond would be deeply appreciated as well.

I operate a local sportsbetting tipping site, with great success. Amongst the established betting companies that have paid for advertising in my website are Ladbrokes, Betfair, Eurobet, Interwetten, etc (all leading European Sports Betting Companies).

Recently, Internet1X2 decided to contact me and apply for advertising. I have read various compaints about this company in the past (mainly from this forum) and even CasinoMeister has opposed to their policies (Internet1X2 has been classified as 'Not Recommended, although the link it doesn't answer anywhere).

And that is where I stand. I am very satisfied with the companies that are currently advertised in my website. Internet1X2 is paying me some good money to grab a spot. Have anything changed since CasinoMeister recommended them as 'questionable' (did they improve their services?) or should I reject their worthy offer?

Any help by anyone (especially the man himself) will be appreciated. But please, reply only if you have something important to write. We are talking about 'media' money (and it is always good!)
Frank, I haven't really looked into this and can't give you anything authoritative, but I get the feeling you haven't really examined it much either. Maybe you're just hoping against hope you'll be able to take their money (which I'd be happy to encourage if it wasn't going to be money they'd steal from other people)!

A simple google (e.g. of "Internet 1x2" and "blacklist") suggests they're not an outfit any reputable webmaster should get involved with.
Undoubtedly, the money my website generates are from advertising, or in other words, from money punters lost. But they lost it, because they weren't careful (or didn't read my website!)

What I do not want is to make money from stolen's people money. I am with the punters, not the companies.

My website is very respectful in my country, thus every gambling company that wants to enter this niche market, always knocks on me first.

I try to keep high standards for my services, thus I expect my partners (i.e the companies) to have the same standards as mine.

And since, this is the first place I actually read about Internet 1X2, I thought Cazinomeister could provide me with some more info. I wouldn't have started this topic, if the link relating to Internet 1X2 (at the 'non recommended' list) wasn't dead.

(forgive the 'my' expressions. I am not selfish :) )
Don't worry, I wasn't suggesting for a moment there was anything wrong with your making money from affiliate links if the people who bet at those sites lose money (all the other companies you mention are well known and respectable).

Internet 1x2 seem to have a history of stealing players' winnings instead. I'm sure Casinomeister will give you any extra info if he can, but as it's mainly a betting site you might be better off asking at websites that are based around sportsbooks rather than casinos. Good luck, in any case!
Hi Frank,

And welcome to the forum. Please read this:
and understand that Internet 1x2 is directly related. There are many, many other clients you can take on besides these guys.

Maintain your standards and hold fast is my suggestion. There are plenty of other fish in the ocean.
Hi Frank

My $0.02. If you suspect that *any* advertiser is likely to be bringing a bad reputation, then they are best avoided. It only takes one bit of bad press to do untold damages to your reputation and business which could set you back months or years...or worse. You'll get far more respect from basing your business decision on good ethics and that in turn could be worth a lot more over time than the advertising revenue you lost making that decision.



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