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Jan 10, 2005
Been playing with onlne casino for 4 years now, and have been reading this forum for years.

I've had good luck at Captain Cooks, Jackpot City, and ALL SLots.

I was pleased to see that Music Hall Casino ( MG), that I found through a newsletter from Gambling.Com, has MG games that you can play for as little as 1 penny per line, like Carneval, Tomb Raider, Winning Wizards, 5 wheel drive etc.

This has been a lot of fun for me this past week. Playing Carneval for .45 instead of $2.25 has been really fun!

I'll probably not ever be one of their posted winners, because I don't ever make a huge bet, but at least I feel that I have a chance now of at least doubling my money or better.

I did cash out $200 today, -- have $350 into it!! LOL!! :)

Wishing good luck to all members here.
thank you for that post!! I didn't know that. I too am not a big wagerer and i like those slots especially Carnivale. The only time I do up the wager a bit is when I'm having a winning streak and I continue to keep hitting.

Thanks again and good luck!
Here are their payout percentages for November 2004, October 2004, and September 2004. (In that order). Not that it's representative of their ongoing slot payouts, but I still think it's interesting:
Captain Cooks Slot Payouts: 95.11%, 94.95%, 96.39 (that's aug. their sept. report is missing from their site.)
Challenge Slot Payouts: 97.33%, 97.85%, 93.61%
Golden Reef Payouts: 96.86%, 95.35%, 96.10%
Spin Palace Payouts: 96.04%, 96.11%, 95.09%

:) Heather
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Music Hall experience

Totally agree that their small wagering limit is a plus.
I run a website that tries to rank casinos and I've placed MH quite high on my ranking based on the latest viper, the bonus and the low wagering requirements.

Furthermore, I had an experience with their customer care;
I deposited 25$ and was informed that my request didn't go through.
I redeposited but then checked my neteller acct and saw that both deposits took place. My MH balance showed me at 25$ when 50 had been taken out.

I clicked on their help desk applet (which I always look out for), and their chap told me that my balance would be updated in about an hour but -they were "sorry"- no way existed of putting the money back in Neteller.
I complained for a bit since this was all clearly not my fault, and after about 15 minuites of typing back and forth was told that my extra 25$ would be sent to my Neteller acct as he had "notified management" and they had relented.
The fund replacement was promised within 48 hours and occured in about 8.

Call it low expectations from the industry, but I counted it all as pretty good service.

Sorry to go off the strand just thought that if people were thinking of playing there, they'd find an account of what happened to small funds useful. :)
thank you for that post! I downloaded MH after reading this thread when it was started. I have been playing in 'free' mode just to see what the penny games are like. I think i have decided to upgrade to real account.

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