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I just thought maybe some people liked to bet the races at OTB or live.

I myself have great stories but Im in the middle of watching cold case.
Here's a quick one...

Never forget it: 1991, Garden State Race Track (it's now closed)
The Horse D.E. Boyd
The Odds 80 to 1

(people that know me in the horseracing business call me "longshot lou")

He won!

A crappy one:

2006, the Oaks, PA OTB

Exacta won BUT...I actually picked (in my mind) the 3rd place (#5) but didnt bet the trifecta....I should of because I got all 3 in order but only won $44 (off a 1/2 minimum bet). If I bet full, it would of been over a couple of hundred .

Lesson: A;ways trust your gut!

For true older die hard horserace you know of Ron Ferraro? He was Jockey of the World in the 1960's and is also my cousin. He is now an official at Phila Park. His brother owned harness horses and he rode them. One of the good horses was mantequila that his brother Rich Ferraro owned. He taught me at age 14 how to bet the ponies and I had a blast when his horse ran at Belmont Park in the early 70's

Got any horse stories?


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baba my grandparents use to take me to the track since the time i was 7 years old,they taught me how to wager on them but as kid i had my own whos name was better,tail longer,or what jockey silk i liked now that i'm a little older i actually do a little handicapping,so thanks to my g parents and hollywood park, santa anita,and los alamitos i'm hooked, i own 3 different virtual stables that i race for cash on the web


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What do you mean by vrtual stables.....I mean, I know, but not really. Can you either PM me and explain or say in here. Is there a website where horses race but their not really horses, kind of like second life

Very interesting...please show me the addy so I can explore

I have a very odd way of picking horses, but it works for the most part, I do better at that than at casinos!


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Isn't Cold Case great? Some of their stories really make you feel. I love horses and grew up having them around. I used to think I could pick a winner by looking and watching them. I would then study their stats and track conditions. Need I say, the only time I won big was getting behind a guy that was betting copious amounts of money on one horse. I did the same minus the copious amounts of money and won big.


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Hiya Dak

Yeah, love my Cold Case! I could watch them over and over. Horses are so beautiful. I rode this one horse for 5 hours a day for a week when I was at a dude ranch in CO (flying W, in CO springs) years ago. He was the sweetest old horse,infact his name was "Old Gent" I only rode western, I dont like that English snobby stuff although they are very impressive riders

I have a couple of friends who have their own way of picking horses.
One Guy bets on #3 no matter what!! LOL
The other guy bets on matter what

It's been said that if only one grey is racing IRL, it usually comes in first. I noticed it for awhile but then it went away and grey wasnt always winning, kinda wierd

OMG..that virtual site looks very confusing. It may take some time before I delve into it pete.....but thank you for sharing, I think it's way cool