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Oct 26, 2001
Ive noticed at cryptologic casinos they cheat with what I call cirlcing.What I mean is say u have 30 and every time u try to go above it u cant and have hit the same amount like 40 ,50 times. Same pattern everytime. U will get knocked down to like 20 then start miracoulsy winning multiple hands then hit 30 and u lose ,then same routine all over again. Eventually will lose it all. Intercasino win to loss ratio was pretty good unitl i met the wr on 80. It all of a sudden dipped heavily in the dealers favor.6 to 8 hand wins out of 10 then like 2 to 3 out of ten after wr met.Every single month every time it happens. Defintly a pattern here. It is very easy to notice too.NOw if u happen to get lucky on say 28 and bet say 10 then of course u will go above 30.