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Oct 27, 2006
Hi Jenn, I saw in the winner screen shots you play at bingocard. I notice addy won and she said you referred her and you said how she will get paid without problems.

My question for you is... I notice on the bingo forum you question bingocard.... has this been all cleared up?

Bingo sounds like a nice change until my luck changes at slots!

What is your opinion?
Hi darsval,
In my opinion, yes those past issues have been cleared up. Bingocard is much like any other online bingo hall - even Addisyn said when she started playing that it seems like the same people win a lot - the reason for that is those people just buy more cards and/or are on a lucky streak. I was on a heck of a lucky streak very early this morning (3am, yes I am addicted lol) to the point where other players were telling me to go to bed so they could win.. lol. I've never again had an issue with winning a game and not being credited. They've upgraded their software, which might have fixed that problem. They still have some unstable times, especially when lots of people are playing.

They do pay out without any problems. There are some things you should be aware of before making your choice to play there. There are playthroughs - 3times deposit and bonus on bingo only, and 12 times if you play the slots. You MUST accept a bonus - it's automatic. 200% all the time, and they have 300% bonuses periodically throughout each day with special perks like playing Deal or No Deal and other games. If you win a guareteed coverall, such as the 5k and 1k I won and Addisyn's 10k last night, it's a guarenteed cash out. No playthrough and you don't lose any bonus bucks.

There are drawbacks - I hate the playthroughs - but I love that $100 will usually last a week, sometimes more. Overall it is a good place to play, friendly and courteous.

If you do decide to give it a go, let me know your screen name so I can say hello :)
Ok i'll try that site too. Any words of wisdom anyone wants to share I am all ears.
Ok i'll try that site too. Any words of wisdom anyone wants to share I am all ears.

If you're on a losing streak, leave and come back later. It doesn't usually break for a while. Other than that, it's all up to the bingo God's.. lol.. Good luck!!
Well i am certainly not on a winning streak :O Haven't won a darned thing yet.
Any particular rooms you recommend?
I like Around the World - less people playing usually. It is hosted from 5pm until midnight eastern time, and there are typically 3 sessions of keno each night. Captains Quarters is hosted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - I go on streaks in there, but usually can't hit a thing to save my life. Dimes are forever is where I go when my balance gets lower than $100. It is also hosted I believe from 6pm until midnight Eastern time. Try switching around your cards using the "get new tickets" button near the top middle. That will often help a bit when things run dry.
It depends on the pot or the game. For some games (patterns) in captains and sometimes around the world there are extra side games - like in December we each got a bingo card with all the patterns on it, and as we won the patterns those patterns would get daubed and we'd win cash prizes for making bingo's - each card was worth 2k in the end. For those I would usually bet at least 30 cards, up to 60 depending on the pot and whether or not I needed the pattern, and my bankroll. I know someone who won the 5k with 12 cards though, so you don't really have to max all the time. A lot of people buy 30+ cards though, because the bonuses are so big.
As far as withdrawals are concerned they are very fast. They have processed my big win already. It isn't actually in my Neteller account but has been approved which means to me it will go out in their next batch.

I like Around The World or Dimes Are Forever when I don't feel like chatting. The Captains Quarters is very interactive. A lot of games require you to be in the room and answer the channel operator. It is usually on certain games being played in conjunction with the bingo.

They had Holiday Bingo where you could win additional prizes for getting a bingo (is bingoing a word) on the holiday card. You had to be in the room to acknowledge the channel operator in order to get the symbol you had won for your card. I didn't realize that so I went to make coffee, won a bingo and didn't get my card symbol.

Jenn again I have to thank you for referring me. It isn't just the big win although that doesn't hurt how I feel. LOL.... Lately I have been winning more and enjoying the chat.

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