FOOFOO'S award for ummm "nicest view from house window"


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It gives me great pleasure to award Mr Bryan Bailey from Casinomeister My very own FOOFOO'S award for best view from their house window.

Congrats Bailey Bonce you win a session of love with me ** must be redeemed using coupon code --ohm ygod ** you must deposit $20 and play it through 8 times ** credit cards may be swiped thru my butt cheeks


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Sorry Amandajm we are currently auditing your account and Im fraid to tell you that I have locked your account, you deposited $20 but the audit shows you played it thru 9 times, and that is deemed a blatent attempt by you to rip us off, we stated 8 times and you played it thru 9 times, we have also charged your credit card $2000 for the cost of the audit.



Forum Cheermeister
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Yes, all of us at Casinomeister have worked very hard to achieve that window view. And it's something I am grateful to be able to share with you all.

Many, many thanks go to my supporters, my fans, my robots Zortran2000, T**, and Truney, my hot cup'o java, and several local breweries.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.