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Nov 30, 2002
I want to follow up on my complaint against USAcasino365 from december. (see

I filed a dispute at OPA in october which I haven't heard anything from. Have contacted OPA many times without any result.

Can any of you guys help me get the wheels in motion with this case or tell me what to do? What about you, Bryan? It would be nice if you could find the time to take a look at this case yourself, meister!

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I'll give it a shot, but it's a defunct GSS casino :puke:

You should have never been playing there to begin with. These guys will rip you off blind.
These guys are the subject of a Gambling Grumble as well - and not a very flattering report I might say. It looks as if they are on the skids.
correct me if I am wrong admin. but did u not have that casino on your website recently?
Funny, at least I got paid here ($1000) unlike that caribsunshine.
It took me some hazzle though, but they paid when I threatened to post at every casino message board telling players to stay away.
Hi Rainman,

Sorry, you are wrong if you are implying that USAcasino365 was an approved casino here. I have never had a GSS site approved at Casinomeister. Ask the oldtimers; they keep track on who comes and goes.

You may be confusing this with CasinoUS or Vegas USA, both have which have been listed here.
Oh, my fault.Why do u have intercasino here though? They cheat big time. They let u win and then all of a sudden you lose almost every bj hand. It seem funny too you win more when u make a deposit and lose when u don't reguraly make one.This casino should be banned, as well as william hill.
I am positive that Bryan knows what he is doing. It seems to me that you consider any casino rigged whenever you lose. Let me explain something to you, I love to play poker (live not on the computer). I have not played in a few years due to injuries, however, there were many games that I played in that were GREAT. Even though I may have lost that session, does not take away from a great game. Give me loose players, and high stakes and thats a great or lose.

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