Focal Click - No payments


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Feb 16, 2006
Some of you knows that on Focal Click are late or no payments. Some are owed 2 months and some are still more.

I have no idea what the reason is also if i know that they had to close their brand Caribbean Casino again.

There are no explanations and only excuses.

Their brand Omni Casino still pay in time but how long it will take if there are also first problems happen at Omni ?

What is the best tactic ?

Waiting and hope that we will get paid ?

Setting them on a do not promote list ? remove positions ?

Showing them that this kind of handling isn't the correct way to deal with partners ?

Focal Click had a long time of good reputation and one could trust them but now they have lost our trust.

Owed payments from 2 months until 1 year are very annoying for everyone where affected.

These are first warning signs and i believe there are still much more behind. I wish i'm wrong but long time experiences has shown us that 95% of these problems never find a good ending.

Lastly, you will have to write off your earned money and that's it.

Hope that all the staff will get paid because we Affiliates are always the last in the chain.


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Jun 30, 1998
Yeah - that's messed up, but I am sure all will work out. I think they are coming out with a statement on this shortly - I believe that positive news will hopefully be coming.

Omni Casino has been listed here as an Accredited Casino and Reputable Casino before that - since 1998 - twenty years.

We have no plans on taking them down. We are just being patient. Players are being paid by the way.

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