Bitch and Moan Flexepin Fubar


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Feb 4, 2022
To be honest was not sure what Forum to post this in, so apologies mods if it’s in the wrong on.

Q : What do you do if you went crossed eyed when buying your flexepin - I’m in CAD an yet bought a £20 In error…

1 . Tried asking Videoslots to push through no go

2. If i open a GBP account to play it someone just my luck i’ll hit big and then have issues explaining why I have a £ account when should be CAD $ !

3 , Trading on Reddit seems sketchy as F !

4. Tried looking up buy BTC but my google being crap and not giving a me a clear an easy site

5. CM offer a swap currency service ? $30 CAD or $20 CAD flexepin for £20 flexepin ?? Probably not allowed

Any suggestions


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Jan 8, 2019
Not sure what Flexepin is? Cant swap it or deposit it in an e-wallet account for play?

Can sympathise with being cross-eyed (much like the Videoslots Dev Team). In an effort to swap SOL for GBP I sent £100 to someone else's wallet by reading a B instead of an 8 in my wallet address, and I checked twice :) Quickest £100 I have ever wasted.

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