Bonus Complaint Flamantis Casino confiscated money


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Nov 11, 2012
3 days ago I deposited 10e via skrill to casino . Casino instantly added me 100% first deposit bonus - 10e. I play and I won 832e on slot Twin Spin for bet 1.25e( this is screenshot
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) I rollover bonus + deposit max per stake 2.5e. In night 04.06 I withdraw money from my account. Next day I login to my account and I see that my payment was canceled and returned to my account - 800euro. I turned on LiveChat support and Gustav from support wrote me this.

Chat transcript__ from 09/05/2015
Mariusz (09:14:42): Hello.
Yesterday I deposited first time to casino and I withdraw money from account.
Today I login to my account and I dont have pending cashout? Why my withdraw have been cancelled?
Gustav (09:19:29): Let me please check this Smile
Mariusz (09:19:34): Ok.
Gustav (09:21:00): Unfortunately there is no note assign to your rollback, however 99% of the cancelations are die a KYC need
Mariusz (09:21:28): Where I can send documents?
Gustav (09:21:48): Please send us the following documents (one from each category) to [email protected] :

1. Personal verification: -
Passport copy or
Driving license or
National ID card
2. Address verification (not more than 3 months old):-
Utility bill or
Bank statement or
Tax bill.
3. Payment verification:-
Screenshot of the Neteller account where ID number and personal details are displayed.

Thank you in advance!
Mariusz (09:22:26): Ok.
Mariusz (09:23:11): Thank You.
Mariusz (09:23:27): Bye

I sending documets to support and I started play on slots. When I have in balance 649.67euro Sopport confiscated my money from my account - 639.67e and left me on cashier 10e my deposit.Again I turned on LiveChat And Gustav tell me this :

Hi Mariusz,

We are sending you the chat transcript__ you requested.

Chat transcript__ from 09/05/2015
Mariusz (11:37:52): Why. I have only 10e on my account?
Mariusz (11:38:18): Why money from my account been confiscated?
Gustav (11:39:30): Breach of bonus T&C
Mariusz (11:39:57): Yes. I read T&C
Gustav (11:40:02): This is what I see from our system, please give me a minute, so I can advise with a representative from our bonus department
Gustav (11:40:36): Most likely you placed a bet with stake higher than 6 EUR, what is against the terms
Gustav (11:40:44): anyway, please wait till I check
Mariusz (11:41:16): Yesterday I play mac 2.5e per stake
Mariusz (11:41:21): mx.
Mariusz (11:41:24): max.
Mariusz (11:42:44): I have screenshot my winning on twin spin slot 1.25e
Mariusz (11:42:58): and I win 832e
Mariusz (11:44:03): i clear bonus and few minutes ago i play again 4.5e per stake on dead or alive
Mariusz (11:44:33): I play in a lot of casinos and I never had problems
Mariusz (11:46:08): Please look my account history.
Mariusz (11:46:21): and bets history
Mariusz (11:49:02): First Support in night rollback my withdraw from casino next confiscated money........
Mariusz (11:51:52): This casino is from EveryMatrix group. I play in jetbull. 24hcasino and more casinos and I never have problems.
Gustav (11:53:34): In fact I'm chatting now with a representative from EveryMatrix, plrase wait till I have an answer
Mariusz (11:54:11): Ok.
Mariusz (11:55:53): I have more withdraws and a lot of deposits from this group.
Gustav (12:04:36): Ok, I ordered an investigating about your case and as soonest I have a reply from them will contact you by mail Smile
Mariusz (12:06:50): Ok. If the case does not come out well for me i Write screenshots and transcript__s to xxxx and casinomeister. Bye.

Today He told me this :
Hi Mariusz,

We are sending you the chat transcript__ you requested.

Chat transcript__ from 09/06/2015
Mariusz (13:54:48): I would like to ask if you know anything about my case - yesterdays confiscated money from my account
Mariusz (13:55:17): Hello.
Gustav (13:55:28): Hi Mariusz
Mariusz (13:55:51): Do You can check this for me?
Gustav (13:56:11): Yes, I just received an explanation from our relevant department about your case
Gustav (13:57:06): Your winnings has been generated by your free spins and since the maximum cash out is 50 EUR the rest of your winnings has been rejected
Mariusz (13:57:22): What?
Mariusz (13:57:32): I play for first deposit bonus.
Mariusz (13:57:53): 100% first deposit bonus, I not played free spins
Gustav (13:57:59): You also received our 50 FS on top of this bonus, looks like you played them first
Mariusz (13:58:32): I never played any no deposit bonus on tjis casino.
Mariusz (13:58:41): sorry* this
Gustav (13:59:00): Is not about no deposit -
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Gustav (13:59:13): 50 FS were added to your account
Gustav (13:59:21): on top of your welcome bonus
Mariusz (13:59:45): 3. Deposits of at least £$€ 50 or more, qualify for the extra 50 free spins bonus.
Gustav (13:59:48): And according your gaming logs you were playing them first
Mariusz (14:00:49): I deposited 10e via skrill and I used first deposit bonus. This bonus I have Instantly
Gustav (14:01:02): Yes, I know that rule, however from time to time my colleagues (even me sometimes) are making exceptions..
Mariusz (14:01:17): I didnt play any free spins.
Gustav (14:01:25): According your logs you did :)
Mariusz (14:04:49): I do not want to let discuss with you. The case I make to MGA and askgamblers. I didnt play any free spins. I only played with my 10e deposit + 100% deposit bonus . I dont play any free spins and Support not added this free spins for me
Gustav (14:05:14): Is your right to get it further, however as I said everything is legal - is vissible on your playing logs and statistic
Mariusz (14:05:27): Ok.
Gustav (14:06:12): Unfortunately this is all what I can do for you at this stage
Mariusz (14:06:50): Yesteday I play max bet 6e for spin and Today I play 50FS for deposit 50e and more lol
Mariusz (14:07:22): it is impossible
Gustav (14:07:44): This was just a suggestion yesterday as I told you this was one of the most usuall mistakes what cost the payers bonuses, as I told you I requested an investigation to our relevant department and I got back to you their answer
Mariusz (14:07:59): Ok. Maybe xxxx and MGA help me.
Mariusz (14:08:03): goodBye

I never played max bets per stake 6e and more on this casino and Support never added me any free spins to my account, This is impossible. I respect the rules T&C on this casino and they are trying to deceive me
Please help me on this case.


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Jul 25, 2007
Terrible story. I must admit I also deposited $10 and received the 100% bonus. I made sure while chatting with the same Gustav that I would not play the fs as part of the package (which would be credited some 2 hours later)... although I did not know at the time that they came with a max cashout restriction. Rogue behaviour, where is this mentioned in the T&Cs? Did not see it... but most importantly, they claim you did play the fs, whilst you did not!


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Mar 21, 2012
There has been load of complaints about this casino, Did you receive fee spins when signed up, I know the max cash out from free spins is 50, But you made a deposit so even if you did take some free spins on sign up than it should not matter, UNLESS you took free spins and did not 0 out before a deposit,



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Nov 11, 2012
I dont play any free spins( this is the best)This is a lie from casino would not pay me the money.
Very sick story.


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Feb 25, 2004
EveryMatrix again. Why do people still use them when we hear so many complaints against them and their operators, I closed (not SE) mine a few weeks ago when all the issues started happening.

They even say "Mariusz (13:59:45): 3. Deposits of at least £$€ 50 or more, qualify for the extra 50 free spins bonus." you only deposited €10 so shouldn't have got the free spins

They then say "Gustav (14:01:02): Yes, I know that rule, however from time to time my colleagues (even me sometimes) are making exceptions.."

So they can make an exception that ends up giving a player a maximum cashout that they weren't aware of. Do they sneak these free spins in when a player is winning? were these sneaked in after the original withdrawal was returned to the account while they were doing KYC?

Manio87, ask them what time you played the free spins and see if it was after the withdrawal was cancelled? don't just take their word get a screenshot from the back office.

Also just thought that if you deposit €100 and use the free spins the max you can withdraw is €50, if that is correct then it is ridiculous. EDIT: I have just looked on the website and can see no mention at all of a €50 max cashout for free spins so that appears to have been made up.


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Jun 21, 2012
Everymatrix now giving software to anyone, even idiots from nowhere? I am not surprised.
Absolutely awesome example 'how ruin good business within short time'. Everymatrix reputation destroyed by such idiots, and i have no idea what can return their reputation. Of course there is couple of awesome casinos with EM software(like casinoluck/nextcasino and couple more). And also dozens of bad casinos like slotobank, flamantis.

EM managers seems don't care about everything like that. I don't know. I believe someone like Mister Meister himself should somehow meet EM OWNER, and describe him what's going on. It is just crazy, EM should come in right now and do something.

Anyway, i hope more casinos from Ben and his icloud will pop up soon. This guys know what to do, and will not allow shit like that. Gogo Ben!


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Jul 30, 2014
Though I share some resentments against EM there are still very reputable operators around (Casinoluck, Thrills) so it's not just them. It's the very unprofessional behavior of the chat-agent. A sentence like "Yes, I know that rule, however from time to time my colleagues (even me sometimes) are making exceptions.." is so blatantly amateurish. :rolleyes:

Rules are rules so stick to them - the OP did not violate any terms so he should be paid. The free-spins bollocks is nonsense, he made a deposit so it's part of the welcome package with no max-withdrawal restrictions. That's a common rule - everything else is just roguish behavior.

It's a brand-new casino so i recommend to PAB (Pitch a bitch) the casino here:
Don't post any more details since it might jeopardize your PAB.

You might have some chances to get your money, otherwise they will be officially flagged as rogue by Casinomeister.


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Nov 11, 2012
Thanks for post quber :)

Todays LC transcript :

Chat transcript_ from 09/08/2015
Georg (19:59:32): May you provide me with your username, please?
Mariusz (19:59:39): Hello.
Mariusz (19:59:44): user: xxxx
Mariusz (20:00:04): I would like to ask if you know anything about my case?
Georg (20:00:15): Checking
Mariusz (20:00:44): My account have been verified?
Georg (20:03:44): Your money were taken for your account due to the fact that this winnings were made by the free spins
Georg (20:04:02): Please notice that the maximum cash out of the free spin is 50EUR
Mariusz (20:04:23): On what time I play this free spins?
Mariusz (20:06:01): Please give me date and time when I play these free spins
Georg (20:06:19): Checking
Mariusz (20:14:28): and?
Georg (20:16:03): There are a lot of rounds which I need to check is it possible for me to send you the answer to your email in a few hours :)
Mariusz (20:17:32): next lie from support. I waiting for any mail from support 4days. :)
Georg (20:19:09): I can ensure you that you will receive the explanation if a few hours I will check this now
Mariusz (20:21:56): I send 2 days ago a message about my case to MGA. Not so nice to cheat players.
Mariusz (20:24:47): I have evidences that I was deceived
Georg (20:24:51): We are not cheating there is no point in such behavior from our side. As soon as I found the reason I will get in touch with you
Mariusz (20:26:02): I never play in this casino max bet per stake over 6e and I never receive any free spins. I only receive first deposit bonus. This is problem.
Mariusz (20:26:50): Ok. I waiting for message. Bye


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Nov 11, 2012
Good Message from support

Hi ,

Due to system error your winning were deducted. Our apologize for any inconvenience.


My winnings are back to my account . I wait for cashout.:)


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Oct 10, 2012
Or that he (OP) actually asked for more proof rather than just going for their word - "You played the freespins.." -.