FL Platinum Play, Removed Winnings and Hijacked Deposit


Dormant account
Mar 28, 2003
I joined Platinum Play recently after seeing a banner on a website.
I deposited $20 to try them out and got my balance to $50. I had not recieved or requested any sort of bonus.

The next day I tried to log in to see if I could turn my $50 into a $100 and found my account to be locked.

I contacted thier live help and was told that I was on a high risk list and they would be keeping my winnings and returning my deposit. They could give me no more information than this.

I think as I wagered my own money I should be entitled to my balance when they decided to lock my account, afterall if I had lost they would not have reimbursed my deposit.

In effect the casino had a no lose situation. If I win they keep the winnings, if I lose they keep my deposit.

To make matters worse I had the following email regarding the return of my deposit.

This is ***** from the Platinum Play casino and I am following up on your query regarding a refund on your account.

I have just received word from our billing company that they are unable to do a refund due to the processor used in the purchase. In order to get the purchase back, I would suggest that you contact your bank and ask them for assistance.

Are they in effect telling me to do a chargeback to get my $20 deposit cheque?

If you are wondering why my account was locked I am pretty sure it is because I once (12+ months ago) logged into my gaming account on a friends pc who I was staying with. He had an account at one of the other Fortune Lounge casinos. I did email them all sorts of ID but got knowhere.

For a new casino from one of the most trusted companys in online gambling I find thier behaviour very shoddy over such a small amount.
after seeing a banner on a website.

Which website?

Are they in effect telling me to do a chargeback to get my $20 deposit cheque?

How did you make your deposit?
I clicked through a link/banner on another forum.

I deposited by Mastercard. I do not know why they dont offer a neteller or cheque refund.

The $20/$50 will not affect me at all, it is almost not worth chasing but it the principal of the matter.
This is not a very good news for the new casino.
I played at FL group before and was always very confused and (kind of mad) about their very strange wager requirement. So I usually don't even take bonus with this group. (email and ask them to move the bonus)

But I finally get tired of this and asked them to closed all my account with them. No matter what, they should give back his refund.

I did join the platinum play this time. But I sent an email out and ask them to remove my bonus. Hope they won't locked my account!
Although FL saying there keeping my $30 winnings does annoy, the CS person that says `In order to get the purchase back, I would suggest that you contact your bank and ask them for assistance` really gets my back up.

To summize, I deposited in good faith and played with my own money, won a little.
FL says `sorry, we dont want you as a customer`. We are keeping your winnings and its up to you to get your deposit back.

Just to inform you all of perhaps the reason I may be on the so called `risk player` list. Myself and a few friends regularly used to get together on a friday or saturday night for a few beers and a couple of hours of playstation etc. You know, a lads night in.

One of my friends joined a FL casino and played and had some fun, I cant remember if he won but a couple of others joined including myself. We did follow the rules regarding only one account per person, address etc. and didn`t have any problems until we had an evening where we decided to play at the casino from the same computer. This is what I believe has casued me to become a high risk player.

Bit odd, as I emailed them all my id and signed a cc declaration. I have never ever done a chargeback and I was always under the impression that was the big no-no at casinos.

In effect FL Platinum Play have done a chargeback on me.

Never mind, I will stick to the 100% trustworthy UK based casinos that I have been playing at for the past couple of years.
If you are wondering why my account was locked I am pretty sure it is because I once (12+ months ago) logged into my gaming account on a friends pc who I was staying with. He had an account at one of the other Fortune Lounge casinos.

I'm sure we'll hear something from Wim soon on this. Based on their response, its sounds like they have locked you out for fraudulent activity and they aren't going to send any refund, which is why they suggested doing a chargeback.

They can't do a refund because its mastercard. They can't send it to neteller because you didn't deposit with neteller yet. Sometimes if you send your neteller account number and email address, a casino will refund to you that way if you ask nicely. The other typical way would be by check.
FL group usually is very good to answer question and compliant here. (That's why I join through here. LOL)

$20 or $50 is nothing but it can really damage the image of a csino. They should be able to return money to you by Neteller as long as you give them your Account ID and email.

It's really a pain to do charge back. This is one thing I really like about Boss Media casino because it will tell you how much you can withdraw. You don't have to wait for 48 hours plus and got an email tell you you need to wager more before cash-in....

P.S. I don't understand what's wrong with using same computer as long as it's different account and in good situation. People CAN'T bring their PC everywhere they go. That's why people love online casino because it's "portable" and you can play wherever you go.

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I have looked at my records from way back when I played at fortune lounge for the first time.

I remember joining Vegas Towers first and rapindly losing my $100 and the bonus. I was then lambasted with emails from all the other FL casino asking me to join which I did as they had good new player offers on at the time.

I won a bit at Vegas Palms and Royal Vegas but lost another $100 on a follow up offer at Vegas Towers.

As far as I am aware I have never done anything to be classed as a high risk player. Yes I did take advantage of bonuses when they were constantly emailed to me, who wouldn`t.

To this very day I have not been told why I am on a high risk list. If I was I could then accept it.
Kenr, dont be surprised by this behavoir by the FL CS, they are extremely arrogant and unknowing. I myself was told the same thing (to do a chargeback) by their dim witted CS, as well as about 6 other posters on this forum. Eventually Wim from FL came on here and straightnened it out. Pity though that so many have to come to a public forum to figure out such simple matters. Perhaps Wim should undergo some better training for FL CS so they will not make such moronic statements anymore.
Does anybody have an email address for wim as he sounds like he is helpful.

Thank You
Hi kenr

I am busy investigating your account and will get back to you soon.

Please be assured that we will rsolve this issue - one way or another.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
Thank you fortune lounge for your help.

I am not too worried about the money as it is only a small amount, it just struck me as an odd way to operate.

If you could tell me by email why I am high risk I would be very grateful. I have never had chance to play again your casinos as I got locked out very early on. As I say above the only thing I can think that caused this was playing on a friends computer.

I have never done a chargeback and I will not even do one for the sake of $20.
For High risk players would it not be possible to let them continue to play but without any bonuses.
Hope everything will clear out for both of you.

I was asked to send the fax of my Driver Licence ID this morning and I did. It's apporval now. I guess FL is really nervous of all the fruad recently on the forum. Can't really blame them for being careful. BUT it will be nice to explain to players about what's going on instead of just lock them out.

Just my 2 cents.
kenr: You are absolutely correct in assuming that your account was locked due to you sharing identifiers with other players. Unfortunately it is our policy to lock accounts in such instances.

In terms of the advice you received to charge back your purchase, it was irresponsible and I will deal with the situation. We have already arranged for the purchase to be refunded via Neteller.

The issue of whether sharing identifiers necessarily constitutes fraud is highly contentious. It is, however, equally difficult for the player to prove that he was innocently sharing a computer with other people as it is for us to prove that he has opened multiple accounts under different names using the same computer. It is in this case safer for us to err on the side of caution.

I understand that anti-fraud measures taken by our group have probably been the cause of almost all complaints against us. These measures can perhaps come across as being unfair or player unfriendly and our handling of these situations were even been described as being "arrogant". We are, however, subjected to strict financial auditing and a responsibility to keep fraud losses at a minimum.

In this process we will, regrettably, inconvenience many people - some innocent and some not. The important thing is to deal with these issues from a point of integrity and to protect the interests of good, honest players.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
What would happen if Kenr was not aware of such great sites as casinomeister Fortune Lounge? Dealing with your support he would have been stone walled and had to accept the fact that you had stolen his deposit and be force to chargeback to get it back, thus ruining his name unnessecarily for online gaming. Perhaps you should talk to your staff about tact and being informed before they make such irroneous comments.
I had been watching FL Group try to handle all the issue here and WOL. I have to say they do respond no matter what. Good thing.

BUT I still decide to close my Platinum Play casino account this time.

1. The CS is kind of slow to respond email compare to other MicroGaming such as 32rd. It's just me. I like to get reply sooner even just an notice to let me know you got my message and will respond me in certain time ...etc. I have to email 2-3 times and ask to reply to make sure you get my first email. Maybe you are too busy for Granopening now.

2. It looks like you WILL call people at their home to discuss things. I DON'T like to get ANY call at all. Hope you will have an option "DO NOT CALL" at your website and player can choose this option.

I do have to give FL the credit about taking care issue here. Good luck to you all.
Fortunelounge, can you please email me at my casino registered address and I will give you my neteller details.

Thank you for a clear and concise response. I still feel a little agreived asto why I am high risk when my only `crime` is to log in on a friends computer.
bewitch, I agree with you. I think it takes courage and commitment for a casino representative to work in player forums imo.

We see the shills come and go, but few casino reps come here consistently and I think that is the test - coming back and trying to solve problems at source despite some rough talk from frustrated folks at times.

The only way they can establish real cred is to solve most of the hassles with which they are presented and keep coming back for more, and I respect that as a genuine effort.

IMO it works for both the players and the casino once some level of communication and acceptance has been achieved. And it certainly gives the casino a first hand snapshot of the weaknesses in their operation - the clever bit however is turning that information from the upfront man taking all the flak into genuinely improved service.

On balance I think Wim from FL is doing alright - his Operations director probably needs to pay more attention to what he reports as shortcomings in order to improve FL practices, which seem to me to fall short of real efficiency, but he's still here trying his best.
I am totally agree with you. This is a very tough business. You don't see people give too much credit about winning but a lot of BS about losing money. I shall learn a lot from all the forum these past months.

To me, gambling is gambling. There is always risk in it. Nobody like to lose money but it's truth even hard to accept it sometimes.

I really appreciate FL come out to explain and clean up all the issue here. I don't see too many casino doing that. It give me the confidence that I should be safe to play there.

Good luck to you all! Have a good one!

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