First Payout experience at Clubworld


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May 10, 2009
Wait'n for a payout!
So last week I decided to give roulette a try at CWC and HN casino because of their .25 minimum bets and the the $1000 max inside bets, I get lucky and get approved on Friday with a $2500 w/d on a $600 deposit. Documents sent in with no questions asked, processed super fast, and I already have a tracking # for the check. My experience with CWC group was fun and the payout process was professional, painless, and quick. Props to Clubworld and Highnoon! :thumbsup:


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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
I have been critical of Clubworld in the past and I found their slots to be very tight but I will put in a good word for them.
I opened an account at clubSA casino and was doing ok for a change but got a pop asking me to contact support.
Turned out the Casino was only for South African players which was a bit of a surprise but I must admit I did wonder why the usual currency options weren't available.
Anyway they returned my deposit without charge to my MB account within 3 days which is as fair as they could be.:thumbsup: