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Oct 16, 2006
I just played my first cash tournament on Wingows and finished 1st, winning $11.50. Here are the details:

Start time: 5:30 a.m. ET
Duration: Just under two hours
Max players: 100
Actual players: 12
Buy-in: 50c + 5c
Rebuys: unlimited, 50c
Add-ons: One at first break, 75c
Total buyins: $6
Total rebuys: $11.50
Total add-ons: $4.50
Prize structure: Top 3: 1st-50% 2nd-30% 3rd-20%
Blinds: start at 10/20, 8 minute periods

I now have a decent small bankroll at Wingows and am going to be concentrating on it more because the cash games are much more rational and sensible than any freerolls. Casinomeister, I don't know if it's legit of me to say this, and if it isn't please delete this sentence, but if you're going to register on Wingows I would ask that you do me the favour and use "couplecraft" as referring member, provided that you found out about the place from me.

Thanks for the congratulations, but I didn't read the fine print. Wingows has a pretty nasty withdrawal policy for money won at freerolls. These are the terms:

1. The player can withdraw only $5 for every 50 reward points, which are 5 times entry fee or qualified rake.

2. The player must first deposit the same amount of freeroll wins he is withdrawing and play at least 100 raked hands at 25c/50c or higher.

3. Wingows management must decide to permit the withdrawal.

The third term makes me especially suspicious. What are they going to do, refuse on the basis that I wear the wrong colour shirt?!

But, as long as I have a bankroll, I'm going to play only the cheapo cash tournaments. And I'm going to be darned sure I read the fine print next time.

You should use caution when signing up at a place whose name mocks that of a known rogue.

Other operations to watch out for include:

Club Prayer Casino - you'll need to pray if you want to get paid
Club Twice Casino - you have to ask for everything at least twice
Crack Widow Casino - you'll never get paid, the boss lady already spent your deposit
DebtRoyal - good luck getting paid
Palace of Dance - getting paid requires a song and dance
Placate Casino - they'll make you feel at ease while they steal your winnings
Soyland Casino - they only appear to be healthy
Stool Scat Casino and Stool Scat Poker - they just plain stink
yep....those requirements to withdraw freeroll money are really steep

much steeper than the ones i see at Dream...though as I recall you don't like playing there. :what:

at least you got that win under your belt and it didn't cost you anything.
I must be getting old and my eyes are definitely going.....I kept seeing FRIST, FRIST, FRIST when I read the thread title. I was expecting to see that Couplecraft had sat at a table with the bible thumper himself. :oops:

Congrats on your win!!
Well, I've been playing steadily and not concentrating well. In the last tournament I lasted past first break. There were 26 entrants and top 3 got paid. I finished...5th. Fargin bastich icehole corksuckers. :mad:

I'm down to my last buyin and add-on, or my last two buyins and one rebuy.

Incidentally, I had an extensive email exchange with Wingows support. I do commend them on answering every email at all times of day within one hour. They tell me, if I win money in a cash tournament, I only have to make a $5 deposit in order to be able to cash out any of those winnings in amounts of from $20 to $2,500 a day. There are raked hand requirements only on freeroll winnings and transfers from other site members who have not yet made a deposit. Real money play winnings are completely free money as soon as you slip them a fin. (And, yes, I asked whether cash winnings before you deposit are considered freeroll money, and they say no.)

I've also made three table-friends at Wingows. Since, on average, there are about 500 people seated on the whole site, I tend to meet the same people repeatedly. So, even if I sewer out on my current bankroll, I think I'll continue freerolling there until I build another one.

But, in another forum, a guy told me how he lost a pile of dough he had built up when a similar tiny online poker room folded. We'll see.

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