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Hi All,

I'm quite new to online gambling, playing online blackjack for a few months now. I believe that I understand well how the statistics behind blackjack work (having a mathematics degree, I should be able to understand this at least :confused:).

But, subjectively, I find some types of online blackjack variants harder to beat than others. Up to now I played at Microgaming, Playtech and RTG Casinos, always using blackjack variants with surrender option and hole card, if available. I'm playing strictly basic strategy everywhere and use moderate negative progressions (for example d'Alembert rows etc.). My observation up to now is, that all implementations of course do oscillations away from the expected ratio of about 53:47 percent of lost hands to won hands (without pushs) to peak situations between 73:27 and 35:65 lost/won ratios. But length and occurance rate of these peaks largely differs between them: Peaks are short and seldom in Microgaming, long and seldom in Playtech, short and very often in RTG.

This leads, at least with my current playing sceme, to quite consistent winnings with Microgaming's and Playtech's blackjacks, but to bad losses with the RTG ones.

So, just to make a long story short: I'd be quite interested to know, whether other blackjack players made similar observations, or if I've just not played long enough to experience the same kind of oscillations (aka streaks ;)) in all implementations.

Thanks for your opinions...

Cheers, Juergen


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Hi Funeral979,

thanks a lot for pointing me to your thread concerning RTG blackjack odds. It's quite interesting to read the opinions. But, just to make it clear: I don't think that there is anything tweaked with RTG's software... it's just the subjective feeling or "rhythm" of the RTG game that results for me in not being able to play it successfully. I've made lots of statistical evaluations and didn't find any obvious irregularity except this extraordinary streaky behaviour (and even the average sum of streaks of a given length per x hands isn't deviant from other blackjack implementations). The streaks (winnig and losing ones) simply come when you are not prepared to handle them (so, if there was anything tweaked, then this would be a masterpiece in psychology)

So, my question was just meant that simple: Do others also "find it hard" to win against RTG's blackjack, just the feeling, not the math...

Cheers, Juergen


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Yes... to me it seemed to be impossible to win something on RTG BJ... I have played multiple thousand hands on it. Normaly it wins a little bit in the beginning and then it is just loosing.
Microgaming seems to be random