First 3D monitors claimed


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

See those cards fly!

A US company has just launched the first widescreen monitor that will enable online gamblers to see the game from a whole new perspective in three dimensional clarity and colour - but they'll have to wear special polarised specs to do so.

The 22in 220 widescreen 3D monitor, from San Diego-based Neurok Optics, uses stereoscopic 3D technology combined with polarised eyeglasses to brings things in to 3D.

The monitor apparently retails for around GBP 500, and can be used as a traditional 2-D monitor at the touch of a button to deliver commercial-grade levels of brightness and image quality. The display boasts a 5ms response time, a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels, contrast ratio of 800:1 and a brightness rating of 250 nits.

More content is being produced in 3D, said Thomas Striegler, CEO of Neurok Optics, LLC. All popular games and many new movies are now created in 3-D - most viewers are unable to see the game or movie as it is meant to be seen in 3D. Now you can add a new dimension to your home video entertainment with our 3D monitor.

Each monitor comes with a choice of fashionable and lightweight polarised glasses which the company assures will not result in some of the traditional drawbacks to 3D glasses, like eyestrain, spatial disorientation and headaches.

The monitor comes with the first S-3D drivers to be compatible with both the Nvidia Geforce 8 Series and the ATIs FireGL V3600 workstation graphics accelerators.