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Feb 1, 2002
I know most casinos download ok but occasionally some casinos wont download because of my firewall protection, if most download ok but one doesnt because of firewalls does this mean that i shouldnt really download the casino as it could be unsafe? Not an important question to me as i would not download the casino if i have to start contacting administrators or changing security settings anyway, just curious .
That's actually a good question that has been discussed by players at various points since I began playing at online casinos. Unfortunately, no one can really answer that question easily, because the answer depends upon what kind of firewall you have, what security settings you have it on, and on the specific attributes of the casino you're attempting to download. A firewall's standard protections generally keep your system from downloading anything from the internet unless you specifically instruct an override to the firewall protection in that situation.
I've stopped using my firewall and am looking at a new one, because the one I WAS using ended up making it difficult for my computer to function on the internet at all - so keep in mind that even a firewall with a good reputation might end up not working properly with your specific ISP. When I was using my firewall, I also experienced some casinos that didn't download properly even when I gave instructions to override the firewall block, but I really think that the reason for those problems are the same as the ones we experience in which some firewalls work better with some ISPs and create havoc with other ISPs.
Your best protection against downloading a dangerous casino is really to check the forum boards, casinomeister, MCO, and other websites where you find opinions & experiences about specific casinos. Don't be afraid to ask questions about a specific casino in the correct part of a forum board you like - you'll usually get answers, and if you remain a part of the community, you'll learn which people's opinions you trust more than others.
Sorry there's no easy answer for the firewall question, but as far as we've come with computers and computer software, there are still a lot of incompatibilities that have nothing to do with a specific piece of software or hardware or website or firewall or ISP being bad, but with them simply using different types of codes that make them incompatible. Good luck on your search, and I strongly advise using the message boards when you have questions like this, since many players will willingly give honest responses about whether they believe a casino is legit or not.
Well what can i say,didnt expect much on this so i have to thank spearmaster and doktersuz for their time on this and quick response. I must admit this is about the only place i come for my information as all questions i've asked here have been answered one way or another, great people here and very helpful, thanks again and good luck to you all. :)
Proberly a bit outdate, but I have cable & use Zone Alarm, you can either buy the Pro series or get the free one for personal use. Very Good, easy to setup & never had any problems with it :)

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hope this helps


PS The other issue that some people forget to do is update their virus signatures for their virus scanners. Personal I use it again is free for personal use. Norton Professional is great but the standard version is a drain on resources & I have found that AVG from grisoft picks up more wild varities of virus's that Norton anyway.

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