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Sep 10, 2004
I am new to the online poker and gaming and am trying to learn. I recently downloaded software and have played in the play money games. Today when I logged on, it automatically installed an update and then while playing someone took over my computer. They literally tried to open stuff up on my desktop and even typed in the chat line at the table i was sitting. I immediately unplugged from the internet and ran virus scan and it found what I am attaching on the image and quarantined it. Can someone let me know how to protect myself or is this an occurence that happens online? I do not trust online gaming after this happened. Thanks.
Do you have evidence that the remote access software on your computer is related to Partypoker? Is it possible that it has been on your computer for some time, but you have just noticed it?

Did you have Norton anti-virus running in on-access mode? Have you downloaded all patches from Microsoft? Do you have a firewall?
No evidence. Just coincidence I guess. I searched the internet for the file names shown above and it appears it is a known problem already and I assume has nothing to do with party poker. I just thought it did since I logged in, an update was installed, and my computer was hijacked. The files had a date modified of the current date time I got online and the update installed, 9/10, so they were new. I have Norton anti-virus auto protect enabled.

I am not a real pc guru or anything but I will install the msft SP2 soon.

Sorry to make the title seem to blame party poker, but that update is all I could think of causing it and wanted to see if anyone else encountered this problem. I found this site searching google for party poker hacked.
You need to do a few things to protect yourself. First, keep that norton a/v up to date and running the autoprotect mode. Next, get yourself a good firewall like ZoneAlarm Pro. ( That will protect you from alot of hacking threats, but not everything. Next thing to do is get SpySweeper from and scan your entire system for spyware. You'll probably find alot! Let it clean it all for you then run it again until its clean. Keep that running in shield mode (default) and you should be in pretty good shape.

You did the exact right thing you should have when you noticed the strange things happening. Good thinking! :thumbsup:

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