Firepay and timing out


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Mar 30, 2001
I have been using FIREPAY for just a month or so now and I think that the premise is great, how ever I keep getting the message "Your request has timed out" every single time I use it. For instance, I just went there to see a statement and made the date span 1 month. It took over an hour and the farthest I got was 10 days. Then I gave up. Every time I hit NEXT I got "timed out" a minimum of 5 times. I have logged in early morning, late night, and now afternoon, it's always the same. I have yet to be able to withdraw funds through the software, I've had to call them to get a withdrawal completed. Good news was they only kept me on hold 5 minutes, which by far beats their software for trying to log in. Do others have this same problem ?

I also use firepay. The first time i used it I was trying to deposit from my cc...each time it gave me the time out message. I did it 3 times in a row, each time getting the same message, so I gave up. However, I did go back in just for the hell of it to try and deposit again and there in my account were all 3 deposits that I had attempted to make but got the time out message.
So just be careful when making transactions and getting that message...sometimes even tho it says timed out...the transaction took place anyway.

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I have started to use FirePay quite recently and I regret it already. I will try to avoid using it whenever possible.
I think there is a lot of people having problems by using FirePay - it has been a continuous problem for me for 2-3 months)
Mostly I send them an email to draw their attention to the problem, and every time I receive the same answer:
"The authentication error signifies that the web site is timing out when you try to use it. The time out error is caused as a result of us running the batch (payments from previous day) at that time. We recommend that you wait a little while and try accessing the site again".
First Im sorry for my english:!)

This report did not everytime signalized,that purschase no approve!!!!!!!
I did not known sure,but this maybe one of many antifraud control!!Maybe.I use Firepay and everytime,when i see time up ,i go look into balance.
But is report about "server is busy" that everytime is signal for bad info or fraud!!

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