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Nov 21, 2019
Oka, Kanasetake Quebec
Bitsarz was my favorit casino.
Ive played a lot , and learn about bonus the hars way once., then never had an issue either not uaing them or just forfeiting , anyway following the rules .

I took the free spins and won 4 dollar something .
I wager the required amount of time and did not even go over 100 , or bet too high,and finished wagering requirement at 80 something dollar. That i could withdraw according to theyre rule .
but there was a 50 %depositcash back that day and figured it would not be honest to withdraw and deposit rightback,as i wantedto play the amount i had won. And since they know every details of my play , they wil know. And i verified ,like 4 times , ....I was shure all was good..As i thought.
So i won 200 at merlin lady of the lake game and felt i should withdraw to see if it goes smoothltly. So i did . And it got refused . So i spoke to emma thinking it mightbe the bonus, but she told me it was how i withdraw since i used crypto i had to use crypto again. or fiat , to fiat.
And she said all that , being very nice and kind. I thought i was a jerk , and should not assumed they were ,like that.
so i went back to thegame and paf won 8 free spin, and while it was spinning ,my withdrawal was rejected a second time . When it finished i had won another 240 so i withdraw that 240 , and go talk to customer service about that 200 that was rejected for a sexond time. , but now he say it was thebonus, that i could not keep.anything over a hundred ....And i said i did not won over 100 , they wouldnt listen, and as i looked if theyre was a something about having to withdraw to officiallize your bonus win or something

the 240 was processed ....

So i made a complaint to head of casino nick ( theperson answering at that mail anyway) and asked where did broke a rule , or where does it says i have to withdraw the won amount for it to be official and what about emma at cs who did make a mistake . wrote 4 respectful email asking why ....

And i was told that they understood how i could of felt ,but that the withdrawal of 240 was made as an exception , and we wontbe reopenning youraccount. Wrote but realized they had blocked me wich was disrepectful. Wrote from another adress just asking why ,and if i was "banned""and i got we wontreopen that acount .
With no other explanation .......
They do have a feature to say you dont want the bonus, the deposit ones , with no max cashout....
but as for free spin,You cant opt out . You just can cancel them. Wich is bizarrre now that i think aboutit.

But itwas my favorit casino... what are your though?

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