Finally a response from The Sands


Banned User
Mar 15, 2004
Boston, MA
I received several emails this morning from a very concerned executive at Peak Entertainment regarding my mistreatment at The Sands (see my posts in the complaint section). I believe it is only fair to post that she (God, I hope she's a she) is addressing the issue and has made a very generous attempt at reconciliation. I believe her gesture is sincere and not just a crumb of bread to the masses. After my criticism of her company she very well could have told me to take a long walk as I have heard of other casino execs doing, but she put principle above personality and did the right thing by me. I believe her when she says that it will not happen again and I am not one to believe in much that anybody has to say. Her name is Kim Perraud and I want to publicly thank her for taking an interest in my account when it appeared noone else did.

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